Miter & Butt Fusion For 2" - 6" (63mm - 180mm) Polyethylene Pipe & Socket Fusion Capability For 2" - 4" (63mm - 125mm) Pipe & Fittings

The Polygon is a three-in-one machine that fabricates miter and butt fusion joints with additional socket fusion capability for polyethylene pipe. Equipped with a hydraulic pressure gauge, it is McElroy’s first manually-operated butt fusion machine with DataLogger® capability, providing documentation that joints were fused according to applicable standards.

The Polygon’s pivoting jaws lock in angles up to 45 degrees make it capable of performing three times fewer miter fusions per fitting compared to traditional machines using miter inserts. This time and cost savings — amplified by its ability to perform in the field — eliminates the expense and lead times for molded or fabricated fittings.

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  • Polygon

    Includes Polygon fusion machine, 8" handle, 6" IPS inserts, heater, facer with drill motor, spare battery and charger, heater/facer stand and shipping case. Spider Jaw Adapter Kit sold separately.

    Description Part Number
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    High Force, 120V A729803
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    High Force, 240V A729804
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California Prop 65 Info

A729803 High Force, 120V
A729804 High Force, 240V
Machine 50.7 lbs. (23 Kg)
120V Large Heater 5.5 lbs. (2.5 Kg)
120V Polygon Heater 16.3 lbs. (7.4 Kg)
Facer 17.5 lbs. (7.9 Kg)
System Pressure 1,500 PSI (103.4 BAR)
Fusion Pressure 1,500 PSI (103.4 BAR)
120V Large Heater 100-120V, 1,600 Watts, 50 / 60 Hz, 1 Ph
120V Polygon Heater 100-120V, 1,600 Watts
240V Polygon Heater 220-240V, 1,600 Watts
120V Facer 100-120V, 20V Battery
240V Facer 220-240V, 18V Battery
120V Large & 120V Polygon Heater Plug type NEMA 5-15P
240V Polygon Heater Plug type CEE 7/7 (DIN 49441)
Machine Dimensions
Length 25.2" (641.3mm)
Width 15" (381mm)
Height 17" (431.8mm)

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Parts & Accessories

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Surface hardened for longer life and are serrated for maximum grip.

DataLogger® 7

Tablet, transducer, machine mount, micro SD card, removable battery, screen protector, carrying case and Quick Start Guide.

Part Number Description
DLP0857716 DataLogger 7 - English, Spanish, and Russian

Depth Gauge Tool

Aids in marking appropriate depth for socket fusions.

Part Number Description
SW22303 Polypropylene depth gauge tool

External Bead Remover

Trim the bead created during the fusion process.

Part Number Description
1221101 For 1 ¼" to 6" IPS pipe
1221601 Extra blades for 1221101
1221603 Extra blades for 1810102
1810102 For 4" IPS to 18" OD pipe

Facer Blade Set

Spare facer blades.

Part Number Description
710604 Facer Blade Set. Includes 4 blades, screws and wrench.

Heater Adapter Set

Used to heat pipe and fitting. All adapters have an anti-stick coating.

Part Number Description
SW02669 2" IPS (requires 2" Multi-Mc Heater)
SW02672 3" IPS (requires 4" Multi-Mc Heater)
SW02676 4" IPS (requires 4" Multi-Mc Heater)

Large Heater

16-125mm Heater

Part Number Description
470101 120V Large

Polygon Case

Sturdy travel case for easy transport of entire machine and accessories.

Part Number Description
736702 Polygon Travel Case

Polygon Facer

Drill-powered facer for the Polygon.

Part Number Description
730103 120V
730104 240V

Polygon Heater

Heater for the Polygon

Part Number Description
724301 120V Polygon
724401 240V Polygon

Polygon Heater/Facer Stand

Tough and lightweight, provides a convenient and safe method for transport and storage.

Part Number Description
740001 Polygon Heater/Facer Stand

Pyrometer Kit

Pryometer kit for accurately checking surface temperatures of heater.

Part Number Description
A218804 Measures surface temperature of heater

Rotary Pipe Cutters

Rotary pipe cutters for pipe sizes from 1/4" and up to 4" OD.

Part Number Description
MMD00087 10mm-90mm rotary pipe cutter
MMD00092 63mm-125mm rotary pipe cutter

Spare Heater Plate Kit

Heater plates have an anti-stick coating and are required for butt fusion. Kit includes 2 plates and screws.

Part Number Description
A707902 Heater Plate Kit

Spider 125 Series 2 Jaw Adapter Kit

Part Number Description
A728901 Spider 125 Series 2 Jaw Adapter Kit

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