Put Peace of Mind in Your Pipeline

Thermoplastic pipe offers amazing durability and longevity, and when you're installing it, you expect decades of service. Don’t leave your pipeline to chance. Use McElroy’s quality assurance tools to support your fusion operations and know that your fusion joints meet the highest standards.

Testing Coupon

Test Fusion Joints in the Field

Testing fusion joints in the past often required cutting a coupon from the pipe and sending it to a lab for analysis and waiting for the results to come back. With McElroy's In Field® Tensile Tester and Guided Side Bend Tester, technicians can easily and quickly conduct a qualitative test of those same joints right on the jobsite.

Hand-Powered Hydraulics Produce Quick Results

Both the In Field® Tensile Tester and Guided Side Bend Tester require no extra power to administer. Hydraulic hand pumps assist both tools in conducting the test on the jobsite. The Guided Side Bend Tester performs a quick, safe "bend back" test, placing the entire wall thickness into tension to validate the ductility of the joint. The In Field Tensile Tester destructively tests coupons from 2" IPS and larger with up to a 5" thick wall — both taking only minutes to determine joint integrity.

Hydraulic Power
Qualify Operators, Strength and Fusability

Qualify Operators, Strength and Fusability of Pipe and Fittings

McElroy quality assurance tools can be used at the beginning of the day or the onset of a project to validate the machine operator, fusion process and pipe materials. The In Field Tensile Tester and Guided Side Bend Tester allow for quick, on-site analysis, while the McSnapper provides a more in-depth test that meets ASTM F2634 for laboratory testing procedures using tensile-impact testing.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Guaranteed Performance

McElroy equipment is built to withstand the tough environments our industry encounters. We're confident that your machine will perform to the best of its capabilities. We've even given each piece of equipment a 5-year warranty — the longest available in the industry.

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5-Year Warranty

Additional Features

  Guided Side Bend Tester In Field® Tensile Tester McSnapper®
Tensile with impact testing machine
Meets requirements of ASTM F2634 laboratory testing procedures
Provides accurate testing for fused joints
Testing up to 2.6” wall thickness
Qualitative testing of the ductility of a joint 
Faster, easier and safer than traditional bend tests 
Can test coupons from 1" to 7-inch-thick pipe walls
Field suitable
Hydraulic hand-pump system powers coupon test
Can produce coupons from up to 5-inch thick pipe wall
Template accommodates 2” IPS and larger pipe
Process takes minutes, not days or weeks



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