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The easier, faster & more accurate way to install fusion outlets

The McElroy Hornet™ fusion outlet tool is the first-of-its-kind, all-in-one machine for outlet fusion on polypropylene pipe. Its innovative design keeps the machine, outlet hole and fusion of the fitting perfectly aligned throughout the entire process — creating more efficient and reliable fusions with less manpower.

Unique design keeps everything aligned

Unique design keeps everything aligned

An industry-first, it's all-in-one design allows the Hornet to self-align on the center of the main pipe. Then, the guided carriage allows for the drilling of the outlet hole, heating of the pipe and fitting and fusion without repositioning - keeping everything aligned and producing more accurate fusions.

Repeatable, Reliable and Efficient

The Hornet is an innovative alternative to manual outlet fusion methods. One operator can automatically align the machine on the center of the main pipe thanks to the self-centering, "V-base" design. The quick-change drill and fitting adapters are easily exchanged in and out of the carriage for efficient operations while a rack and pinion drive provides smooth, reliable operations. An integrated ratchet strap holds the Hornet securely in place and is expandable to fit a range of main sizes up to 630mm.

Reliable and Efficient
Lightweight and Compact

Lightweight and Compact

With a small footprint and weighing just 11 pounds, the Hornet is capable of performing outlet fusions in any orientation — making it ideal for overhead and vertical fusions in tight spaces.


Uses existing McElroy socket heads and heaters

The Hornet works with all McElroy saddle fusion outlet heads for polypropylene pipe from 20mm to 63mm on mains up to 630mm. Each socket adapter is Teflon-coated for durability and long life. The Hornet utilizes small McElroy heaters that feature a micro-processor control and dial thermometer for precise, reliable temperature.

Uses existing McElroy socket heads and heaters
5-Year Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty

Guaranteed Performance

McElroy equipment is built to withstand the tough environments our industry encounters. We're confident that your machine will perform to the best of its capabilities. We've even given each piece of equipment a 5-year warranty — the longest available in the industry.

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Additional Features

Annodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance
Quick-change drill and fitting adapter for efficient fusions
Rack-and-pinion drive for smooth operation
Self-centering base design ensures fusion operations align on center of pipe
Integrated ratchet strap allows operation across wide range of pipe sizes
Lightweight and compact
Three-position carriage lock



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