DataLogger® 7

The Latest in Data Collection & Analysis

The Most Valuable Tool On Your Jobsite

The need for better record keeping and increased accountability is growing among those who build and manage pipeline infrastructures. New standards, including ASTM F3124, have been implemented to govern the collection of data from plastic pipe fusions. The new DataLogger® 7 from McElroy meets these requirements by capturing the most important information related to fusion operations. It is now easier than ever before to add improved traceability and a higher level of assurance that pipelines were fused properly before they go into service.
DataLogger 7

Capture Your Entire Fusion Operation


The DataLogger records the fusion process on nearly all McElroy fusion machines.

  • Hydraulic Fusion
  • Manual Fusion
  • Sidewall Fusion
  • Miter Fusion


Archive essential details related to the fusion operation and jobsite.

  • Operator Information
  • Machine Information
  • GPS Locations
  • Pressure Tests


McElroy Optimized Cooling™ lessens time spent during the fusion joint's cooling cycle.

  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Increase Productivity
  • F2620-compliant
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Real-time analysis allows for monitoring of the joint integrity during the fusion process.

  • FusionGuide™ Graphs highlight crucial moments in the fusion process
  • Parameters are measured to supported standards

Guided Workflow

Makes Fusion Straightforward

A user-friendly interface with large buttons and concise on-screen instructions guide users through the process of entering pipe and fitting information, machine setup pressures and more. Once the fusion begins, the FusionGuide™ live graph visualizes recording time and pressure for open, close, and cool times — automatically highlighting areas of concerns that may be out of industry specification.

Keep working

No matter how long the work day

The DataLogger 7's internal 21 watt-hour battery and removable 43.2 watt-hour second battery allows the unit to last an entire workday. An Extended Life Kit is available with an extra removable battery and charger to supply endless power on the jobsite.

Automatic Data Backup

To ensure device damage or accidental deletion doesn't take out your data before reports can be uploaded to the McElroy Vault™, the new DataLogger 7 includes a micro SD card that automatically backs up all fusion joint data — guaranteeing your joint reports never get lost.

Micro SD
Hot-Swappable Battery

IP68-Rated & MIL-STD-810 Tested

The new DataLogger 7 tablet is built to be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof to stand up to the toughest jobsites. A 7" touchscreen offers great readability even in sunlight and can be used with gloves and in wet conditions.

Compatible with TracStar® iSeries & Tritan™ Machines

When attached to a TracStar iSeries or Tritan fusion machine, the DataLogger interface becomes the command center for fusion operations.* The all new FusionGuide™ Enhanced Guided Workflow assists the operator during the fusion process and allows for a custom user experience — from manual control to automatic, software-controlled fusions.

*The DataLogger is used to operate all machine functions on Tritan - including driving, loading, and carriage operation.

Meets ASTM F3124 Standard

For data recording of fusion joints

Accountability for those creating and managing infrastructures continues to grow. The DataLogger from McElroy meets the latest ASTM F3124 guidelines for requirements in the collection of data for pipe fusion in plastic piping system.

Inspect Your Fusion Equipment to Ensure Long-Lasting Performace

The McElroy Equipment Inspection app, optimized for use on the DataLogger, is a simple way to perform a comprehensive machine evaluation in compliance with OEM recommendations, helping to ensure less downtime on the jobsite.

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Capture more than just the fusion

The DataLogger allows documentation of manual fusion, electrofusion, squeeze-off techniques and pressure testing data. The device also saves precise GPS locations with each joint record from the entire job.

Supports multiple types of fusion

Support for butt, sidewall, mitered and dual-containment fusion is included. The DataLogger is compatible with Highland VORTEX and Supercell electrofusion machines as both a machine controller and data recorder.

Android Powered

A fast processor and updated operating system allow for new performance and feature enhancements. Activate "Find My Device" to locate your DataLogger in case it is misplaced or stolen.

Syncs with McElroy Vault

Good data, along with proper analysis, is the key to better understanding your business. By collecting and analyzing data from your fusion jobsite, you can gain new insights into your overall operations.

A simple analysis done in-field or off-site can help provide assurances that each fusion joint was made using proper procedures and meets industry standards. Data can improve overall jobsite efficiencies and evaluation of individual operator productivity and performance. Fusion joint records can also include GPS data to provide for easier traceability.

Understanding and using the information gained from logging fusion activities can significantly improve the bottom line. Finding new ways to manage, view and sort that data, and discovering new metrics to track will only improve decision making and overall jobsite performance. All this together adds real value to you and your customers.

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