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DataLogger® 6

Data Collection & Analysis

The Most Valuable Tool On Your Jobsite

The need for better record keeping and increased accountability is growing among those who build and manage pipeline infrastructures. New standards, including ASTM F3124, have been implemented to govern the collection of data from plastic pipe fusions. The new DataLogger® 6 from McElroy meets these requirements by capturing the most important information related to fusion operations. It is now easier than ever before to add improved traceability and a higher level of assurance that pipelines were fused properly before they go into service.

Jobsite Ready

Ruggedized, Android-Powered Tablet

Full Specs

Straight-Forward Data Collection

The DataLogger 6 features the tools necessary to properly capture the most important data from your jobsite. Scan the barcode on your pipe or fitting to automatically enter pipe material, size, manufacture date and lot. Add operator and machine information, along with GPS location of each joint and photos of the completed fusion and more.

User-Friendly Interface

An entirely new interface was constructed from the ground up to be easy to use. Interaction studies and feedback from users in the field influenced the design for an intuitive and easy-to-understand new experience.

Simple, guided process

Large buttons and concise on-screen instructions guide users through the fusion process. The DataLogger walks operators through the process of entering pipe and fitting information, machine setup pressures and more.

Supports Multiple Types of Fusion

Support for butt, sidewall, mitered and dual-containment fusion is included.

On-Screen Help

Context-sensitive resources are available during key points of the fusion process. Just tap the question mark icon in the lower left of the screen to view videos or other information based on the current stage of the fusion process.

Real-time Analysis

Monitor Joint Integrity During the Fusion Process

The DataLogger is used to record and document key parameters of the fusion process to determine if a joint was fused with correct pressure and times according to supported standards. Heat soak times, heating pressure, open/close times, fusion time, fusion pressure and cool time are all recorded. The real-time fusion graph gives the operator immediate visual feedback and information regarding the integrity of each fusion joint.

Syncs with McElroy Vault

Good data, along with proper analysis, is the key to better understanding your business. By collecting and analyzing data from your fusion jobsite, you can gain new insights into your overall operations.

A simple analysis done in-field or off-site can help provide assurances that each fusion joint was made using proper procedures and meets industry standards. Data can improve overall jobsite efficiencies and evaluate individual operator productivity and performance. Fusion joint records can also include GPS data to provide for easier traceability.

Understanding and using the information gained from logging your fusion activities can significantly improve your bottom line. Finding new ways to manage, view and sort that data, and discovering new metrics to track will only improve your decision making and overall jobsite performance. All this together adds real value to you and your customers.

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