Increase Jobsite Efficiency
No Matter the Pipe Size

The PolyHorse is a more productive way to store and handle pipe on the job. It helps to reduce manpower and expenses while promoting a safer working environment. The PolyHorse pipe-handling system is a series of adjustable racks available in two size ranges: The standard PolyHorse®, for 3" IPS to 20" OD (90mm to 500mm) or the MegaMc® PolyHorse®, for larger size pipe from 20" OD to 48" OD (500mm to 1200mm). They are designed to hold enough pipe for a day's worth of fusion work and allow a single operator to load and align pipe without the use of extra machinery.

Save Time and Manpower

Save Time & Manpower

Handle pipe once, and only once

When the delivery truck shows up on the jobsite, pipe can be loaded directly on to the racks of the PolyHorse. The system will take care of the pipe from delivery onward — eliminating the need for a piece of heavy equipment to constantly tend to the next length of pipe. One operator can efficiently load and align each stick of pipe in the fusion machine. The MegaMc PolyHorse includes remote control operations engaged from the fusion machine.

Power the Pipe

Increase productivity with power-assisted rollers

Both the standard PolyHorse and MegaMc PolyHorse offer solutions to decrease operator and machine strain while increasing productivity. The PolyHorse can be purchased in a manual model or with hydraulic PowerAssist which helps to maneuver the pipe up, down and into the fusion carriage. The MegaMc PolyHorse features a powered, tracked pipe stand operated by remote control. It offers up to 24 inches of lateral and 34 inches of vertical movement to align out-of-round or curved pipe.

Power the Pipe
Save Money

Save Money

Time well spent being more productive on the jobsite equals greater costs savings to the bottom line. By staging an entire load of pipe in the racks of a PolyHorse, in one location, heavy machinery costs can be cut dramatically. Rather than tying up heavy equipment to tend to the needs of the fusion machine, a PolyHorse allows the fusion machine operator to load and align the pipe without assistance — decreasing downtime and setup time between each fusion.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Guaranteed Performance

McElroy equipment is built to withstand the tough environments our industry encounters. We're confident that your machine will perform to the best of its capabilities. We've even given each piece of equipment a 5-year warranty — the longest available in the industry.

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5-Year Warranty

Additional Features

  PolyHorse® MegaMc® PolyHorse®
Modular design
Enhances productivity by up to 150%
Reduces job cost
Reduces manpower and additional equipment
Stationary rollers can double as a pipe stand
Quick setup
Multiple configurations depending upon your job
Minimizes wear and tear on fusion machine
Minimizes wear and tear on fusion machine
Easier to close jaws of fusion machine when properly aligned
No double handling of pipe, pipe moves from delivery truck to racks
Pipe stays cleaner off the ground
Adjustable height legs set rack incline and adapt to uneven terrain
Handles pipe sizes 3” through 20” (90mm - 500mm)  
Maximum capacity of 70,000 lbs. (31,751 Kg) with a maximum pipe length weight of 10,500 lbs. (4,763 Kg).
24” of lateral and 34” of vertical range of motion to align curved pipe with jaws of fusion machine
The productivity tool can be paired with any of McElroy's MegaMc® line of fusion machines, as well as the TracStar® 500, 630 and 900 fusion machines.
Ships on one semi-trailer with fusion machine and generator.



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