The Standard Since 1975

The McElroy Rolling machines have staked a claim as the industry standard since 1975. Their ease of use and rugged quality construction opened the door for the most extensive line of fusion machines on the market. Wheeled for easy maneuvering on the jobsite, the carriage on many of the machines is easily removable for close-quarter fusion.

Rolling Vehicle

No Lifting Required

Wheeled chassis allows for easy manuevering on the jobsite

Fusion machine portability brings convenience to jobsites with longer pipelines. The Rolling machines are easily towed to each fusion area and remain stationary as sticks of pipe are fused and pulled through.

Flexible Power Options

Gas or Electric Models Available*

Two of our most popular Rolling machines, the 412 and 618, come in electric or self-contained gas models to power the heater, facer and hydraulic pump. These options allow contractors to choose their preferred power source and meet the specific requirements of each jobsite. Each have their advantages. The gas models offer a self-contained unit with an on-board generator and 120V and 240V receptacles. Electric models require a power source from either a separate generator or an indoor outlet and are a good option when fusing indoors because they don't produce fumes.

* Gas powered machines are available for 412 and 618
Power Options
DataLogger Compatible

DataLogger® Compatible

Record & Analyze Fusion Joint Data

All Rolling machines are compatible with the McElroy DataLogger, a handheld computer that records and documents the key parameters of the fusion process. These joint records are used to verify that proper fusion procedures have been followed prior to installation, which is a growing jobsite requirement. Joint records from the DataLogger can be stored and analyzed in the Vault™, a secure server on the internet. This allows quick and easy sorting, tagging and sharing of joint records by machine, joint, operator, device or job.

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Removable Carriage

Perfect for Confined Spaces

The Rolling machines incorporate a 4-jaw carriage that can easily be removed for close-quarter fusion. The outer fixed jaw and skid can also be removed, converting it to a 3-jaw carriage for an even more compact fusion unit.

5-Year Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty

Guaranteed Performance

McElroy equipment is built to withstand the tough environments our industry encounters. We're confident that your machine will perform to the best of its capabilities. We've even given each piece of equipment a 5-year warranty — the longest available in the industry.

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Additional Features

  Rolling 250 Rolling 412 Rolling 618 MegaMc® 824
Patented Centerline Guidance System for equal distribution of force around the joint
Industry standard semi-automatic hydraulic control system
Serrated jaws and inserts keep pipe from slipping during fusion
DataLogger® compatible
Powerful hydraulic facer for facing the toughest pipe with ease
Advanced Blade Design for smooth face and long life
ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated heater plates
Hard anodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance
Removable 3- or 4-jaw carriage for close quarter use
Available in Combination Unit (CU) for sidewall fusion  
Large capacity 2-stage hydraulic pump for cool oil at max operating pressure  
Lightweight heater design with 45-degree handle to prevent overheating  
Microprocessor-controlled heater  
Thrust-bearing-equipped clamp knobs to minimize force required to clamp and round pipe
High force cylinder machine available
Medium force cylinder machine available  
Low force cylinder machine available
On-board generator for powering heater  
Gas-powered models available  
Hydraulic pipe lifts    
Heater and facer can be easily converted to top-loading for confined spaces    
Rugged outriggers for added stability    
Hydraulic clamping available (standard on all MegaMc machines)  



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