Current Trademarks

To make sure you're using the proper trademarks with McElroy products and services, you can refer to the list below.

Product and service names should be written EXACTLY as noted here:

  • Acrobat™
  • DataLogger®
  • DataLogger® Vault™
  • DynaMc®
  • FusionGuide™
  • In Field®
  • LineTamer®
  • McCalc®
  • McElroy®
  • McHiLYT®
  • McSnapper®
  • MegaMc®
  • Mini-Mc®
  • Multi-Mc®
  • OneFit™
  • Pit Bull®
  • PolyHorse®
  • PolyPorter®
  • QuickCamp™
  • Sidewinder®
  • SimpleFuse™
  • SmartFab™
  • Spider™
  • Talon™
  • The Coach®
  • TracStar®

Download Logos

If you would like to use one of our logos for either your website or print materials, please make sure you select the correct version below.



McElroy Green

RGB: 0, 112, 65
HEX: 007041
CMYK: 95, 11, 86, 28
Federal Standard Paint Color: 595-14090

Corporate Logos

Download McElroy's corporate logos

RGB (for web and on-screen applications)

CMYK (for print applications)

Product Logos

Download McElroy's product logos

RGB (for web and on-screen applications)

CMYK (for print applications)

If you need assistance selecting the proper logo, or help with any other marketing materials, please contact our marketing department

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