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For Immediate Release

McElroy Debuts Wired DataLogger®

New model offers several advantages

February 8, 2010

TULSA, Okla. — The new Wired DataLogger® from McElroy records and documents key parameters of the pipe fusion process, while offering two important changes from previous models.

A McElroy DataLogger is a cost-effective device that is used to verify that the proper fusion procedures have been followed prior to installation. The device consists of a rugged, handheld computer for recording and navigating the data and a data-collection unit that records heater temperature and fusion pressure over time.

The Wired DataLogger differs from the wireless version because it can be used on fusion procedures that require up to 4,000 psi or job sites that don't use Bluetooth® communications to transmit the data - a bonus for job sites where those communications can interfere with other projects on a job site.

"The DataLogger is a key product in our line," said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer of McElroy. "Contractors and supervisors can easily document and verify the integrity of the work they've performed."

The handheld computer is designed to be simple and versatile, using the familiar Microsoft® Windows® user interface to navigate the software. All of the data generated can be stored, viewed, printed or transferred from the handheld computer to a desktop computer for archiving.

Transfers from the handheld computer to desktop are performed through a standard USB port and Microsoft® ActiveSync®. Reports can be generated in imperial or metric units.

For more information, visit the McElroy website at www.mcelroy.com.

Contact Information:
McElroy PR and Marketing Department
E-mail: marketing@mcelroy.com

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