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For Immediate Release

McElroy introduces the In-Ditch 48

Large-diameter machine for close-quarter fusions

January 20, 2015

Tulsa, Okla. — The launch of McElroy's In-Ditch 48 brings fusion capability to confined work settings using large-diameter pipe.

The In-Ditch 48 features a top-loading heater and facer providing greater flexibility in tight spaces with minimal site excavation required.

"With the popularity and success of our smaller In-Ditch fusion machines, we are excited to offer the In-Ditch 48 for large-diameter pipe," said McElroy President Chip McElroy. "Our innovations are part of a continual effort to help build infrastructures more efficiently and productively so that they can be relied on for decades."

The In-Ditch 48 packs more power into a smaller package with 3,000 psi maximum pressure to serve various in-ditch applications for 16" OD to 48" OD (450mm to 1200mm) pipe.

Removable jaws and clamp cylinders make it easier to load, and the four-jaw carriage converts to a three-jaw configuration making it possible to fuse short pipe stubs, providing maximum versatility in close quarters.

The In-Ditch 48 provides ease of mobility with multiple lifting points, a carriage spreader bar and skidded carriage. The power pack and heater/facer caddy each have a single, central lifting point and forklift pockets. Roll bars protect the carriage and hydraulic components as the machine is eased into the ditch.

The In-Ditch 48 is compatible with the McElroy DataLogger® which provides joint recording ability and added jobsite accountability.

For more information, go to mcelroy.com/fusion/no1648.

High-resolution photos of the In-Ditch 48 are available on Flickr.

Contact Information:
McElroy PR and Marketing Department
E-mail: marketing@mcelroy.com

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