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Faster, more accurate fusion outlets


20mm — 63mm outlets on mains up to 630mm

The Hornet is an industry-first, all-in-one tool for polypropylene outlet fusion. It brings an innovative alternative to manual outlet fusion methods that is more productive, repeatable and reliable than ever before. The Hornet's patent-pending design allows it to self-align on the center of the pipe while a guided carriage facilitates the drilling of the outlet hole and fusion of the fitting — keeping everything perfectly aligned without repositioning the machine.

With a small footprint and weighing just 13 pounds, the Hornet is capable of performing in any orientation — making it ideal for overhead and vertical fusions in tight spaces. The Hornet works with existing McElroy socket heaters and fusion outlet adapters for polypropylene pipe.



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  • Hornet


    Includes Hornet fusion machine, drill and fitting adapters, ratchet straps, nut driver for drill adapter, accessory case and carrying case. Consult your fitting supplier for cutters.


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Machine 13 lbs. (5.9 Kg)

Print Specifications

Length 8" (206mm)

Print Specifications

Branch Size 20mm - 63mm
Main Size 40mm - 630mm

Print Specifications

Length 11" (279mm)
Width 10" (254mm)
Height 15" (381mm)

Print Specifications

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Certified McElroy Rental

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Parts & Accessories

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