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Designed for tees, ells & other fittings


½" CTS - 2" IPS (16mm - 60mm)

The 2LC employs a semi-automatic locking cam (LC) system to maintain force during the cooling cycle. It incorporates McElroy's patented Centerline Guidance System and is designed to butt fuse tees, ells and other fittings.

The machine is made primarily of surface-hardened aluminum for light weight and durability. The jaws and inserts have multiple serrations for maximum grip on the pipe.



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Machine 23 lbs (10.4 Kg)
Heater 7.24 lbs (3.28 Kg)
Facer 7.9 lbs (3.54 Kg)
Shipping Weight 48 lbs (22 Kg)

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Heater Power 800 Watt
Facer Power Hand-operated
Plug Type 120V - A / 240V - C

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  Machine Shipping Container
Length 13" (330 mm) 28" (711 mm)
Width 14" (357 mm) 16" (406 mm)
Height 15" (381 mm) 20" (508 mm)

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Certified McElroy Rental

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Selecting the Right Machine

The fusing of thermoplastic pipe results in a leak-free and corrosive-resistant system that is becoming the preferred choice for replacing conventional piping systems that are failing across the country.

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Parts & Accessories

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Spare Heater Plate Kit

Anti-stick coated heater plates. Includes 2 plates, attaching screws and wrench.


Spare Facer Blades

Includes 4 blades, attaching screws and wrench.


Spare Multi-Mc® Heater Kits

Kit includes heater plates.

A215505 - 120V
A215506 - 240V

Spare Facer

Used to face pipe ends to be fused.


Spare Stand with Heater Bag

Holds facer and heater for easier carrying and protection. Heater bag helps maintain a constant temperature.


Butt Fusion & Mitered Insert Sets

Surface hardened for longer life and are serrated for maximum grip. Inserts are made for one size pipe only and are required for pipe sizes less than 2" IPS.

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Insert and Adapter Box

Storage box for organizing your inserts and adapters for safe keeping.


Manual Fusion Machine Stand

Expands to a comfortable operator height, folds for easy storage and has wheels for easy transporting.


Test Caps

Quick and easy air pressure testing of polyethylene pipe.

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Hot Tap Tool

Branch saddle tapping tool for polyethylene pipe.

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Pyrometer Kit

Accurately checks surface temperatures of heater.


Heat Shield

For fusing two materials with different melt rates. Shields the faster melt rate materials from over-melting.


Storage Box

Storage box for fusion machine, inserts and adapters.


Spare Screw/Driver Kit

Spare driver kit with insert screws and wire brush for cleaning serrated jaws and inserts.