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Designed for Large-Diameter Pipe

MegaMc® 1648

16" OD - 48" OD (450mm - 1200mm)

The MegaMc 1648 is a workhorse machine with a single-operator control system that will butt fuse pipe and most fittings without special holders or removal of the outer jaws. Hydraulic power assists all fusion functions including the complete operation of the jaws, pipe lifts, heater and facer. The Series 2 model has additional fusion force and is capable of in-ditch work with a removable 3- or 4-jaw carriage.

Mitered inserts are available for fabricating ells. This machine is also DataLogger® compatible for jobsite assurance of work quality.



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  • MegaMc 1648 Series 2

    MegaMc® 1648
    Series 2

    Includes fusion machine, facer, heater and lifting assembly.


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  MegaMc® 1648
Machine 11,787 lbs. (5,346 Kg)
4-Jaw Carriage 7,450 lbs. (3,379.3 Kg)
3-Jaw Carriage 3,680 lbs. (1,669 Kg)
Facer 775 lbs (351.5 Kg)
Heater 600 lbs (272.2 Kg)
Spreader Bar 500 lbs. (226.8 Kg)
Shipping Weight 11,787 lbs. (5,346 Kg)

Print Specifications

  MegaMc® 1648
System Pressure 3,000 PSI (207 BAR) Max.
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 23 Gallons (87 Liters)
Motor 25 HP, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz @ 240V
20 HP, 3 Phase, 50 Hz @ 415V

Print Specifications

  MegaMc® 1648
Heater Power 35,000 Watt
Facer Power Hydraulic
Minimum Power Requirements 220V-240V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase / 380-415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase

Print Specifications

  MegaMc® 1648
Frame Welded steel construction
Front Axle Articulating

Print Specifications

  MegaMc® 1648
Tires ST 235 80R16 10 ply, 3520 lbs. (1596 Kg) capacity
Transportation Pulled via towing ring
Lifting Lift points and lifting assembly

Print Specifications

  MegaMc® 1648
Length 193" (4,902mm)
Width 89.5" (2,273mm)
Height 99" (2,515mm)

Print Specifications

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Certified McElroy Rental

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Featured Replacement

Parts & Accessories

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Spare Facer Blade Kit

Includes 8 blades, screws and wrench.

3615708 - Standard blades
3615708C - Extended-life blades
3615708T - 5" Carbide blades

Butt Fusion & Mitered Insert Sets

Surface hardened for longer life and are serrated for maximum grip.

Find Inserts

Spare Heater Plate Kit

Set of two plates with anti-stick coating required for butt fusion. Kit includes attaching screws and wrench.


Pipe Support Stand

Adjustable pipe stand to support, position and align pipe.

4823901 - Heavy-Duty Pipe Stand

Learn More

MegaMc® Pipe Stand

Powered pipe stand with lateral and vertical movement

6513501 - Gas-powered
6513502 - Diesel-powered

Learn More

MegaMc® PolyHorse®

Pipe handling system for 20" to 48" OD (500mm to 1,200mm) pipe


Learn More

MegaMc® Rollers

Reduce the drag on 12" IPS to 54" IPS pipe and protect the pipe from damage.


Learn More

DataLogger® 5

Record and document fusion process parameters.

DL16001 - English*

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* More languages are available

Stub End Holder

Holds stub end for butt fusion


In-Ditch Extension Kit

Extension kit for Series 2 models.


Top-loading Accessory Kit

Accessory kit for Series 2 models.


Spreader Bar

Ideal for handling 40' bundles or a single joint of pipe.

8261000-0101 - 3,000 lbs. maximum
8261000-0201 - 6,000 lbs. maximum

External Bead Remover

Trim the bead created during the fusion process.

1221101 - For 1 ¼" to 6" IPS pipe
1810102 - For 4" IPS to 18" OD pipe
1221601 - Extra blades for 1221101
1221603 - Extra blades for 1810102

Pyrometer Kit

Accurately check surface temperatures of heater.