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Built for the Ditch

Pit Bull® 14

1" IPS - 4" DIPS (32mm - 110mm)

The McElroy Pit Bull 14 is a compact, lightweight, highly reliable and rugged machine. The machine incorporates McElroy's patented Centerline Guidance System, and is design to butt fuse tees, ells and other fittings with consistent, high-quality results. With the semi-automatic locking cam, the Pit Bull 14 locks the movable jaw in place during the cooling cycle.

Features include reversible jaws, clamp knobs and facer. Add the optional 4-wheel cart with outrigger pipe supports or a manual fusion machine stand that raises the machine to a comfortable working level.



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  • Pit Bull 14

    Pit Bull® 14

    Includes fusion machine, heater, facer, insulated heater stand and screw/driver kit.

  • Pit Bull 14 Productivity Package

    Pit Bull® 14 Productivity Package

    Includes 14 fusion machine, manual fusion machine stand, and two PolyPorters®


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  Pit Bull® 14
Carriage 35 lbs (15.9 Kg)
Facer 21.56 lbs (9.78 Kg)
Heater 10 lbs (4.53 Kg)
Shipping Weight 125 lbs (56.7 Kg)

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  Pit Bull® 14
Heater Power 1,200 Watt
Facer Power 0.5HP, 7 Amp, 120V / 3.5 Amp, 240V
Minimum Power Requirements 3 kVA , 2.5 kW
Plug Type A - 120V / C - 240V

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  Pit Bull® 14
  Machine Shipping Container
Length 15.5" (394 mm) 27" (686 mm)
Width 16.5" (419 mm) 40" (1016 mm)
Height 31.8" (808 mm) 33" (838 mm)

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