Efficiency of McElroy finning machine impresses

May 18, 2016 – McElroy’s Extruded fintube machine eclipsed prior performances recently after demonstrating that it is fully capable of producing quality fintubes using less raw material than ever before — a significant savings to fintube manufacturers.

This cost efficiency is one of the many reasons that Borkhimmash, a leading supplier of industrial equipment in Russia and Eastern Europe, is adding a Model B Extruded Machine to its equipment fleet for the production of heat exchanger equipment used widely in the gas, oil and petrochemical industries. It will be the first McElroy machine of its kind in Russia.

But before making their decision, Borkhimmash requested tests be run using aluminum material sourced in Russia with a 4.2mm wall thickness. Though McElroy’s disc technology makes it possible to use thinner material and still produce a quality product, the machine had never been tested to run material thinner than 4.54mm. The tests, conducted at McElroy’s Tulsa, Okla., headquarters, produced pleasing results for everyone involved.

“It was enlightening to see our machines so easily stretch the limits of what even we thought they could do,” said Carlos Alfonzo, global sales manager for McElroy. “Our customers have relied on the capabilities of our finned tube machinery to be successful for decades. We have no doubt that will continue because of the efficiencies our machines offer and the quality products they produce.”

With the purchase of the machine, Borkhimmash will be able to increase its fintube product line — from up to 10 FPI (fins per inch) to 11 FPI — as well as their client base. Additionally, the length of the fintubes will be able to be extended from 12 meters up to 18 meters.

“We plan to work the machine 24 hours a day and the machine can do it. The productivity of the machine is very high,” said Ilyin Alexander, chief technologist for Borkhimmash. “It saves raw material during manufacturing, requires less manpower and is easily controlled and adjusted, allowing us to make quick switches between fintube types.”

McElroy will be deeply involved in the process, sending technical service representatives to Borkhimmash’s plant in Borisoglebsk in Central Russia to install and commission the 111-foot (33.83-meter) extruded machine and to provide operator and machine maintenance training for the company’s employees this May. Production is slated to start in June.

High-resolution photos are available on Flickr.

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