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McElroy is one of the most recognized brands in the pipe fusion and fintube industries.
It is important to communicate the brand and trademarks in a manner that is consistent,
professional and in accordance with McElroy's strategic marketing and brand direction.
Doing so strengthens McElroy's recognition and standing within the marketplace. In the
event someone produces communications or collateral on behalf of or with McElroy, it is
that person's responsibility to meet certain standards of excellence outlined and
communicated within this document.


We Are McElroy

In 1954, Art McElroy took the first steps in realizing his dream by starting a company in a small garage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today, McElroy not only designs, manufacturers and markets the industry's most complete line of fusion equipment — it also sets the worldwide standard for fintube machines. Furthermore, McElroy has an extensive history in design and has engineered a wide array of custom machines.

We believe in
building tools to
solve problems.
We believe people should
have the best tools
to do their job.
We believe tools should be
easy to use and should work
well, so jobs can be done
safer and with less time
and effort.
We believe in making tools
that last for years; and,
we believe in helping
people through education.


We are McElroy. In the past, McElroy has been expressed as McElroy Manufacturing or McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. Unless being used in a legal sense, refer to McElroy as a one-word proper noun: "McElroy."

Approved examples:
McElroy manufactures the MegaMc® 1600.
Steve Smith is an employee of McElroy.

Improper examples:
McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures the MegaMc® 1600.
Steve Smith is an employee of McElroy Manufacturing.


The primary color palette for McElroy consists of a specific green. All supporting colors work with "McElroy Green" to build brand recognition. McElroy colors appear in a variety of places, including most dominantly on the products themselves. For "McElroy Green" and supporting colors, a PANTONE® (coated and uncoated options), CMYK, RGB and web equivalent is provided. Utmost care and attention must be given to ensure precise, quality reproduction of color on all paper stocks, online media, trade show materials and more.

McElroy Green

CMYK: 95, 11, 86, 28
RGB: 0, 112, 65
HEX: #007041
Federal Standard Paint Color: 595-14090


PANTONE 176-9c
CMYK: 68, 49, 54, 8
RGB: 95, 107, 108
HEX: #5F6B6C


CMYK: 0, 14, 100, 0
RGB: 255, 205, 0

Pit Bull® Orange

CMYK: 0, 62, 95, 0
RGB: 232, 119, 34
HEX: #E87722


CMYK: 2, 28, 87, 0
RGB: 255, 191, 63


A trademark conveys to the consuming public the source of a particular good or service. McElroy trademarks convey a product or service that is a premium piece of fusion or fintube equipment, or service relating to the equipment. Understandably, McElroy's trademarks are some of McElroy's most valuable assets. In any communication, the trademarked product should be identified with trademark marking or notice symbol.

McElroy Optimized Cooling™

The Coach®

In Field®
Pit Bull®

In a text document, the first reference of a specific product on each page should include trademarking or a notice symbol written EXACTLY as shown above. Upon second and following references, marks are not needed.

McElroy's copyrighted works include print advertisements, brochures, catalogs, reference materials, photography, and other similar creative works. Always include a copyright notice whenever possible. A copyright notice includes the symbol "©" followed by the year and "McElroy Manufacturing, Inc." In advertisements, catalogs and other marketing materials, always use a legal line that references ownership of the trademarks by McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. A statement like the following should be used:

© 2018 McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. TracStar is a registered trademark of McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. Hornet is a trademark of McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


The McElroy logo is the single, most important piece of brand communication to audiences around the world. Different applications dictate different logo needs. Use the Style Guide to determine which logo is appropriate for various applications. Logos on hard goods may differ depending on the limitations of printing or etching on the product.

Download image files here

The McElroy logo consists of the McElroy Logo Type and MMI Block with registered trademark symbol. These elements, arranged in a fixed relationship, may not be altered in any way. Do not deconstruct, reassemble, disproportionally resize or alter the McElroy Logo in any way. Do not typeset the McElroy Logo Type or modify the MMI Crest Mark. Never alter the specified McElroy green color in any way. Black and white logos may be used as needed or required. A reversed (white) logo should only be used when the integrity of the color logo is jeopardized or lost in a background image or color. Always use Logo artwork in its native state.

McElroy Logo
McElroy Corporate LOGO

McElroy incorporates various product-specific logos to communicate the identity and characteristics of certain products. All logos are available for download via the link above. Do not deconstruct, reassemble, or alter the logos in any way. Do not alter the specified colors. Always use logo artwork in its native state. As logos are modified or trademarked, these changes will be reflected on the McElroy Resources website. Any permission inquiries should be directed to McElroy's Marketing Department.

Pit Bull Logo
DataLogger Logo
TracStar Logo
LineTamer Logo
Product LOGOS

The McElroy University logo should be regarded and used with the same rules and regulations in mind as the McElroy Corporate Logo. Two different versions of the logo are available in a stacked, vertical format or horizontal. Each are appropriate as long as both the crest and text are present and unaltered.

McElroy Unviersity logo
McElroy Unviersity logo
McElroy University LOGO

The Certified McElroy Rental Logo is a key mark in identifying premium fusion rental machines. This logo is available only upon request by McElroy channel partners who are part of the rental program. The logo should not be altered.

Certified McElroy Rental logo
Certified McElroy Rental LOGO


The primary typeface for all McElroy Fusion and Fintube communication materials is Futura PT — a contemporary sans-serif typeface. This typeface has been selected for its distinct visual character, weight variations and legibility. Applications include, but are not limited to brand service/product names, headlines, text, captions, promotional signage, stationery, forms and sub-brand logos. Italic versions are available and may be used for text emphasis only.

McElroy Fonts

Every effort should be made to use Futura on printed marketing-based communications and collateral materials produced internally and by outside agencies or vendors.

If necessary Futura PT is available for purchase here.

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