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The McElroy QuickCamp™ System is a lighted, insulated and climate-controlled enclosure that allows operators to fuse pipe day or night under all weather conditions. The QuickCamp System includes the QuickCamp Shelter, which houses an 824 or 1236 fusion carriage inside, along with a MegaMc® PolyHorse® and MegaMc® Rollers for greater productivity.

The QuickCamp Shelter ships as a standard 20' ISO cargo container that easily expands to 24' x 21'. Once fully set up, the QuickCamp Shelter provides a comfortable working environment and has ample space for a break room, office space or storage. Working inside, machine operators are protected from outside elements as pipe is fed from the MegaMc PolyHorse via remote through the QuickCamp Shelter. Patent-pending pipe enclosures keep the elements out, protecting fusion joint integrity and keeping your operators working in comfort.

Setup and Deployment of a McElroy QuickCamp

Watch how to properly unload and deploy McElroy's QuickCamp.

Loading Pipe into a McElroy QuickCamp

Watch how to properly load pipe into, and pull fused pipe through, McElroy's QuickCamp.

How to Remove the Fusion Carriage from a McElroy QuickCamp

Learn how to properly remove the fusion carriage from McElroy's QuickCamp.

Increase Productivity

In Tough Conditions

The McElroy QuickCamp System employs the MegaMc® PolyHorse® and MegaMc® Rollers allowing one operator to load, align and feed pipe from inside the shelter without the use of heavy machinery.


A lighted, insulated and climate-controlled enclosure that allows pipe fusing day or night under all weather conditions.

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  • Shelter folds into standard ISO, 20' cargo container for shipping
  • Folded shelter contains fusion machine carriage
  • Ample space for an office, breakroom or storage of extra gear
  • Electrical outlets to power personal equipment
  • Hydraulic Power Unit powers fusion carriage with customer-furnished generator
  • Patent-pending, one-size-fits-all pipe seals keep the elements out
  • Included heating and air-conditioning units fit into fold-out shelves


The QuickCamp System includes either an 824 or 1236 fusion carriage.

  • Available in two sizes: for pipe from 8" IPS to 24" OD or 12" IPS to 36" OD
  • Carriage can be easily removed for in-ditch and stub end fusions
  • DataLogger® compatible
  • Adjustable by 18" to allow proper face-off when pulling pipe through the shelter

MegaMc® PolyHorse®

Easily load pipe remotely from within the QuickCamp with the hydraulically powered MegaMc PolyHorse.

  • One operator can load, align and fuse pipe via remote from inside Shelter
  • No double handling of pipe, pipe moves from delivery truck to racks
  • Holds a full delivery truckload of pipe 26 inches in diameter and larger
  • No waiting on heavy equipment to load pipe for each fusion joint
  • 24" of lateral and 34" of vertical range of motion to align pipe with jaws of fusion machine
  • Adjustable height legs set rack incline and adapt to uneven terrain

MegaMc® Rollers

Designed the MegaMc Rollers to be tip resistant while handling a capacity of 9,000 pounds per unit.

  • Minimizes drag on the pipe
  • Keeps pipe clean and off the ground
  • Sealed ball-bearing construction
  • Won't tip over
  • Minimizes pipe damage
  • Easily lifted with chain, straps or forks

(2) Pipe support stands

Adjustable pipe stand to properly support, position
and align pipe.

  • Maintain pipe control across uneven terrain
  • Keeps pipe clean and off the ground