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Additional equipment options for No.5 Standard, No. 5 Saw Ready, no.4, No.3S, and No.3 machines. Select a product below to learn more.

Power Fed Tube Saw System
Power Fed Tube Saw System

Meeting the needs of our customers with productivity enhancing tools has been our way of life at McElroy for almost 60 years. At this time we are pleased to present these productivity tools that can be added to your existing fintube line to create a safer and more efficient work center. The Power Fed Tube Saw System can be added as an accessory to existing systems. Offers a quick, clean cut, semi-automatic and effortless operation. All with minimal noise, much quieter than an abrasive saw.

Power Fed Tube Saw System

Powered payoff system which handles large coils of aluminum, copper, or carbon steel strip and provides more efficient delivery for high speed finning operation. This electronically controlled fin strip payoff is a free standing system and automatically adjusts acceleration or braking to match the production speed of the machine. Payoff selection is based on incoming plant voltage and Frequency (Hz).

Power Fed Tube Saw System

The addition of this second table allows you to load new product on this table while the machine is running off the first table. (59” OD X 10” ID turntable with hydraulic brake for shuttle loading of fin strip). This option improves efficiency and reduces downtime to thread and restart the machine.

Power Fed Tube Saw System

This free standing payoff table is mounted directly behind the fin head to avoid work hardening of the fin strip by its straight feed into the primary forming roller and spindle roller. It is a 48” OD X 16” ID turntable with a level wound drum trunnion and air-hydraulic brake. This item is required for carbon steel and stainless steel fin applications.

Power Fed Tube Saw System

Imbedded and Knurled Footed fin tubes grow in length 1/2% during finning (depending upon the tube wall thickness) and must be trimmed to length after finning. This can readily be done immediately following discharge of the finned tube from the mandrel. The finned tube is dumped from the Quick Change Finned Tube Rack (QFTR) to the modified portion of the saw ready rack, and then to the saw support table where it is indexed to a stop for positioning and then conveyed to the saw.

Power Fed Tube Saw System

A semi-automatic PLC-controlled saw cuts the tail end of the finned tube to the specified length and may be run with or without lubrication. Specific jaws to hold the tube must be ordered for each finned OD to be processed. After the tube is cut to length it is discharged to the Basketfiller or can be set to discharge to a manual mold collar system. A saw support table is required for this operation.

Power Fed Tube Saw System

A specifically designed system to automate the loading of completed tubes into a basket or crate. The loader is positioned to the top-most position of the basket and the first tube is dropped into the basket at a slight incline. When the first row is full, the operator adds cardboard or lumber spacers to the basket, and indexes the loader down to receive the next row of tubes. A drawing of the basket (designed to ANSI standards) and crate with required dimensions is provided so additional baskets can be made by the end user. Specify maximum tube length. Maximum loaded basket weight to be specified by McElroy as well as lifting points.

Power Fed Tube Saw System

McElroy offers a retrofit tube bundle support and descrambler system for up to 60 (18.3m) foot tube lengths. The addition of this equipment eliminates the manual loading of tubes and offers increased productivity with minimal investment. The bundle support is sized to accommodate a bundle size of 15.5” wide by 13” tall, which provides for 91 - 1” (25.4mm) or 1.25” (31.7mm) tubes; 127 – .75” (19.05mm) tubes; and 169 – .625” (15.8mm) tubes. Tubes are fed to the upper support rack. Cams then rotate and drop the tubes individually into the lower arms of the bare tube rack. Most suitable when tubes are received in octagonal bundles and not crates.

Power Fed Tube Saw System

This system, generally used for Wrap-On (W/O) or Overlapped Footed Fin (OLFF) type fins, is comprised of a three compartment assembly to wash, blast and wash the tube. The system manufactured for McElroy is a recycling type sand-blasting arrangement adapted to blast the surface of the tube as it passes through the cabinet. Cabinet selection is based on Frequency (Hz). Uses steel shot medium.

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