This enhancement to the fin face creates slits much like the spokes of a wagon wheel or a small “tear drop.” The fin is preformed by a set of rollers and when it passes through the forming area of the spindle roll and primary forming roller the “tear drop” or spoke opens up. There is no loss of material.

The enhancement can be done in any type of Wrap-On (W/O), Overlapped Footed Fin (OLFF) or Imbedded aluminum or copper fin. Some tooling is different for W/O and for Imbedded perforated fins. Please refer to the appropriate section in this catalog.

The slit or “tear drop” increases heat transfer and can reduce the required amount of heat transfer surface. Each end user would need to determine the percentage of improvement offered by this enhancement over the plain fin. The industry has also accepted that this type of enhancement reduces the amount of air required and therefore decreases power costs.

Wrap-On Fin

Typical Characteristics

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