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Polypropylene Equipment Rentals You Can Rely On

There are now six rental partners that stock the complete line of McElroy's specialty tools for polypropylene pipe fusion, including the Acrobat™, Hornet™, SmartFab™ 125 and Spider™ 125. Along with equipment rental throughout North America, they also offer operator training and world-class service and support for your pipe fusion jobs. Their years of experience with McElroy equipment, alongside a staff of McElroy-certified mechanics, make them well prepared to provide the best customer service possible.

Find A Location Near You

Please select one of our partners below for polypropylene fusion equipment

(330) 652-8448


(800) 345-4726


(844) 672-7368


(780) 454-0638


(408) 436-1699


1 (800) 467-7261


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