Tap live mains without service disruptions

Hot Tap Tool

The most precise and economical way to tap 2" IPS — 6" IPS and 63mm — 160mm branch saddles. The Hot Tap Tool gland is available in medium density (2406/2708) or high density (3408/4710) material in DR11 IPS sizes or using PE100 high density material in DR11 metric sizes.

Main line contamination is eliminated by containing continuous chips in the cutter, ahead of the coupon, then retracting them out of the main. Tool components are butt fused together, eliminating the need for safety chains. The gland fitting of the tool includes a packing seal for safety, ensuring no leakage around the cutter drive shaft and a test valve. The McElroy Hot Tap Tool is long enough to meet or exceed approved standards for squeeze off dimensions or it can be used with a ball valve.



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Parts & Accessories

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Spare Cutter

221501 - 1.5" OD x 1.75" Long
221601 - 2.25" OD x 2.25" Long
221702 - 3" OD x 2.75" Long
221902 - 4.44" OD x 3.25" Long

6" IPS Polyvalve Conversion Kit

Converts a standard 6" Hot Tapping Tool to a 6" Polyvalve Hot Tap Tool. Kit includes 3" OD cutter.


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