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The McElroy family of finned tube machinery offers the highest productivity in the market.


The Applied family of machines offers the end user the versatility to produce a wide range of types and sizes of finned tubes. With optional tooling packages, our standard machine can produce many different configurations of fins, including Wrap-on, knurled wrap-on, Overlapped Footed Fin, Overlapped Footed Fin Knurled, and imbedded fin. Additional enhancements, like perforations can be added to these fin types as well.

The Extruded family of products offers a range of tube sizes. With our standard discs the end user can produce fins with a minimum fin height of ½" (12.7mm) to a maximum of ⅝" (15.9mm.)

Durability & Performance

McElroy prides itself on building the toughest and longest lasting fintube machines in the world. With proper maintenance, McElroy machines can last for decades. Many of our machines built in the 60’s are still in operation today. They are designed to be used anywhere in the world and are configured to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Equipment is designed to require minimal, but regular maintenance and critical components are designed to last for years.

Management Reporting

This is a system used to record and document the daily activities of your operator and daily production. In addition, the information can be downloaded in Excel format for interpretation and use in determining your production costs and ultimate bid pricing. The management reporting feature is available on the No. 5 Combination machine. It is recommended that each tube configuration be assigned a part number which allows the end user to have specific productivity information for each configuration. In addition the machine stores critical machine settings for ease of set up for the next production run for the specific part number.

Complete Tube-Handling System

Whether you select the Applied No. 5 Machine or our Extruded Machine, we offer complete handling of the tube from the time it is loaded into the machine until it is ready for offloading to the finished basket and for transport to your assembly area or to your end customer. This system means labor savings, time savings, and added profitability for the end user.

Distributor Network

McElroy always strives to provide customer focused service. We pride ourselves on being easily accessible to our customers through our headquarters and now through our extensive distributor network. Machines, service, technical assistance and training are available through selected strategic offices.

McElroy Quality

McElroy is dedicated to Total Quality Management throughout the organization. Processes and procedures are documented utilizing our McElroy “SP" (Standard Practice) and “ES" (Engineering Standard) system. Building on our doctrine of empowerment, each process/procedure is the specific responsibility of the team member that performs the task.

Conformance to our Standards is the minimum requirement for any member of McElroy; and it is what allows us as a Company to consistently deliver products that provide the highest quality and performance in the industry.

Specific machine directives available upon request. Safety standards and declaration of conformity are available upon request.

McElroy Safety

At McElroy, your safety is a high priority. All of our equipment, literature and training classes are strictly designed with the operator's safety in mind. Never operate machinery until you have read the manual completely and understand the safety and operation sections of your manual. Your safety and the safety of others depends upon care and judgment in the operation of the equipment. Product manuals and assembly drawings are provided to each end user in CD format and additional copies can be requested from your product specialist.

McElroy University

McElroy understands that a fully trained and qualified operator can increase your overall production and your bottom line. That’s why for more than 55 years, McElroy has offered basic training, periodic machine re-inspection, and refresher courses to ensure the efficiency, productivity and safety of your equipment and personnel through McElroy University.

Operator Training

Operators can be trained in our facility or yours. Our hands on training helps operators of all levels to understand the principles of the machine and the skills necessary to produce products from our equipment. With an instructional mix of classroom and hands-on, operators learn not only the basic mechanics of the machine operations but the theory behind it for an overall understanding of proper finning. Maintenance and trouble shooting are also included. Our manuals and operator screens are offered in multiple languages to help facilitate the professional training and education of your management and staff.

On-line Training

For existing customers in need of a quick refresher, or training of a new operator, visit our website for short video clips of key set up and operational requirements. 

McElroy Warranty

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. warrants these products, F.O.B. Tulsa, Oklahoma, for 12 months from date of shipment against faulty material or workmanship, except for normal wear and abuse, with the exception of purchased items in which case that manufacturer’s warranty applies.

McElroy further warrants the machine to produce the tube sizes and fin heights as stated when commissioning and training of personnel are conducted by McElroy technicians and the subsequent maintenance and repairs are made in compliance with McElroy specifications.

McElroy further warrants on the No. 5 machine, that finning speed with aluminum fin is 75% of maximum tube speed (RPM) for Wrap-On fin and 50% of maximum speed (RPM) for imbedded aluminum fins on carbon steel tube.

Disclaimer of Liability

McElroy accepts no responsibility of liability for finned tubes. Operation and maintenance of the product is the responsibility of others. We recommend qualified procedures be followed when using McElroy fintube equipment. McElroy makes no other warranty of any kind whatsoever, express or implied; and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which exceed the afore stated obligation are hereby disclaimed by McElroy.

Product Improvement

McElroy reserves the right to make any changes in or improvements on its products without incurring any liability or obligation to update or change previously sold machines and/or the accessories thereto.

Information Disclosed

No information of knowledge heretofore or hereafter disclosed to McElroy in the performance of or in connection with the terms hereof, shall be deemed to be confidential or proprietary, unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing by McElroy and any such information or knowledge shall be free from restrictions, other than a claim for patent infringement, is part of the consideration hereof.

Proprietary Rights

All proprietary rights pertaining to the equipment or the components of the equipment to be delivered by McElroy hereunder, and all patent rights therein, arising prior to, or in the course of, or as a result of the design or fabrication of the said product, are exclusively the property of McElroy.

Law Applicable

All sales shall be governed by the Uniform Commercial Code of Oklahoma, U.S.A.

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