Large Diameter

Operator Qualification

The Large Diameter Operator Qualification session is for students who work on jobsites that require HDPE pipe from 8" IPS to 65" OD (225mm to 1600mm). Participants get the opportunity to operate some of McElroy’s largest machines, including the MegaMc® 824, TracStar® 900 and the MegaMc® 1600. Students also learn how to properly analyze and document fusion joints using the DataLogger®.

Session Length

2 Days
(plus online pre-requisite)

Included With Class

Lunch Provided

Includes Printed Copy

ASTM Standard F2620



Topics Covered

  • Fusion Theory
  • Proper Fusion Techniques
  • Application Tips
  • Equipment Design
  • Troubleshooting Resources
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • ASTM Standards

Equipment Covered


  • Principles of Heat Fusion
  • Fusion Presentation — MegaMc®
  • DataLogger® Presentation
  • Hands-On Training
  • Testing
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