Rolling 250

125mm - 250mm (4" - 10")

The Rolling 250 is designed to fuse 125mm to 250mm (4”-10”) polypropylene pipes and fittings. The model’s ease of use, and rugged quality construction have become the standard.

The Rolling 250 incorporates a universal 4-jaw carriage that can be easily removed for fusion operations remote from the vehicle. For installations in limited space, the outer fixed jaw and skid can be removed from the carriage, converting to a 3-jaw carriage for close access in tight installations. For polypropylene fusions, the Rolling 250 features a powerful hydraulic facer for fast and efficient facing of pipe ends.

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  • Rolling 250

    Fusion machine, facer, heater, insulated heater stand and 8" IPS / 250mm master inserts.

    Description Part Number
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    Low Cylinder Force, 240V, 50Hz A866003
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    Low Cylinder Force, 120V, 60Hz A866005
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California Prop 65 info

A866003 Low Cylinder Force, 240V, 50Hz
A866005 Low Cylinder Force, 120V, 60Hz
Machine 575 lbs. (260.8 Kg)
Vehicle 310 lbs. (140.6 Kg)
Carriage 3-Jaw - 124 lbs. (56.2 Kg) | 4-Jaw - 247 lbs. (112 Kg) |
Heater 27 lbs. (12.2 Kg)
Facer 44 lbs. (20 Kg)
Shipping Weight 855 lbs. (387.8 Kg)
System Pressure 1,200 PSI (82.7 BAR)
Fusion Pressure 1,200 PSI (82.7 BAR)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 5 Gallons (18.9 Liters)
Engine Fuel Type Electric
Minimum Power Requirements 5.2 kW
Heater 3,000 Watts, 50 / 60 Hz, 1 Ph
Facer Hydraulic
Power 1.5 HP, 3 Ph
220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph Heater Heater Plug type CEE 7/7
110-120V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph Heater Heater Plug type NEMA 5-15P
Frame Welded steel construction
Brake Mechanical
Mobility Type High-flotation inflatable tires
Transportation Pulled via towing ring
Machine Dimensions
Length 65.5" (1,663.7mm)
Width 38" (965.2mm)
Height 49.5" (1,257.3mm)
Carriage Dimensions
Length 3-Jaw - 30" (762mm) | 4-Jaw - 44" (1,117.6mm) |
Width 30" (762mm)
Height 23" (584.2mm)
Shipping Dimensions
Length 72" (1,828.8 mm)
Width 44" (1,117.6 mm)
Height 45" (1,143 mm)

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Parts & Accessories

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Surface hardened for longer life and are serrated for maximum grip.

DataLogger® 7

Tablet, transducer, machine mount, stylus, micro SD card, carrying case and Quick Start Guide.

DLP0857716 DataLogger 7 - English, Spanish, and Russian


Heaters have a microprocessor control and a dial thermometer to monitor temperature.

T2516001 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph Heater
T2516101 110-120V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph Heater

Blade Set

Spare facer blades.

T1208602 Facer Blade Set (4 Blades)

Low Profile Rollers Case

For 4" IPS - 18" IPS(100mm - 450mm) Pipe.

A1867501 Case (includes 40 complete rollers)


Aids in lifting pipe into the fusion machine and also performs as a pipe stand.

864201 Pipe Stand and Dolly
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External Bead Remover

Trim the bead created during the fusion process.

1221101 For 1 ¼" to 6" IPS pipe
1221601 Extra blades for 1221101
1221603 Extra blades for 1810102
1810102 For 4" IPS to 18" OD pipe

Hydraulic Extension Hoses

Required for in-ditch fusion.

1219105 25ft Extension Hose Set (4 hoses)

Low Force Conversion Kit

Converts cylinder force to 400 PSI for more precise fusion pressure control. Includes 600 PSI gauge.

A1280101 Low pressure conversion kit

Pipe Support Stand

Height is adjustable to properly support, position and align pipe to be fused.

906501 28 Pipe Stand
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3 trusses, 3 stanchions, 6 screw jacks, 1 pivot roller support, 2 stationary rollers and wrench.

1875501 Standard PolyHorse
1875502 PolyHorse with PowerAssist
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Pyrometer Kit

Pryometer kit for accurately checking surface temperatures of heater.

A218804 Measures surface temperature of heater

Self-Centering Stub End Holder

Self-centering stub end holder to hold stub end for butt fusion.

885001 Stub End Holder

Shipping Container

SED00028 Reusable shipping container

Soft-Sided Carry Bag

Protect, store and transport inserts and accessories.

MJQ00543 Soft-Sided Carry Bag

Spare Heater Plate Kit

Heater plates have an anti-stick coating and are required for butt fusion.

AT2501101 Heater Butt Plate Kit

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