20mm - 63mm Outlets on Mains 40mm and larger

The Hornet machines are industry-first, all-in-one tools for polypropylene outlet fusion. They bring an innovative alternative to manual outlet fusion methods that is more productive, repeatable and reliable than ever before. Their patent-pending design allows the Hornet to self-align on the center of the pipe while a guided carriage facilitates the drilling of the outlet hole and fusion of the fitting — keeping everything perfectly aligned without repositioning the machine.

Two models of the Hornet, for 20mm through 60mm or 63mm through 160mm outlets, cover a broad range of fusion capabilities and can perform in any orientation — making them ideal for overhead and vertical fusions in tight spaces. Each work with existing McElroy socket heaters and fusion outlet adapters for polypropylene pipe.

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  • Hornet

    Hornet fusion machine, drill and fitting adapters, ratchet straps, nut driver for drill adapter, accessory case and carrying case. Consult your fitting supplier for cutters.

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    Hornet Package ASW25001
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California Prop 65 Info

ASW25001 Hornet Package
Branch Size Capacity 20mm - 63mm
Main Size Capacity 40mm - 630mm
Machine 11 lbs. (5 Kg)
Machine Dimensions
Length 13.5" (342.9mm)
Width 11" (279.4mm)
Height 15.5" (393.7mm)
Maximum Stroke Length 8" (203.2mm)
Drill Adapter
Hex Drive 1/4""
Drill Shank Sizes 3/8" - 1/2"

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Parts & Accessories

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Depth Gauge Tool

Aids in marking appropriate depth for socket fusions.

Part Number Description
SW22303 Polypropylene depth gauge tool

External Bead Remover

Trim the bead created during the fusion process.

Part Number Description
1221101 For 1 ¼" to 6" IPS pipe
1221601 Extra blades for 1221101
1221603 Extra blades for 1810102
1810102 For 4" IPS to 18" OD pipe

Heater Bench Mount Assembly

Mount to attach heater to table top or bench.

Part Number Description
239301 Htr bench mount assy

Heater Outlet Head Sets

Used to heat pipe and fitting. All adapters have an anti-stick coating.

Part Number Description
MA0050614 40mm x 20mm / 40mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050616 50mm x 20mm / 50mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050619 63mm x 20mm / 63mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050620 63mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050623 75mm x 20mm / 75mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050624 75mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050625 75mm x 40mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050627 90mm x 20mm / 90mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050628 90mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050629 90mm x 40mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050631 110mm x 20mm / 110mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050632 110mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050634 110mm x 40mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050635 110mm x 50mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050636 125mm x 20mm / 125mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050638 125mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050640 125mm x 40mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050642 125mm x 50mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050644 125mm x 63mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050648 160mm x 20mm / 160mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050650 160mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050652 160mm x 40mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050654 160mm x 50mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050656 160mm x 63mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050657 160mm x 75mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050658 160mm x 90mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050660 200mm x 20mm / 200mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050662 200mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050664 200mm x 40mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050666 200mm x 50mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050668 200mm x 63mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050672 250mm x 20mm / 250mm x 25mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050674 250mm x 32mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050676 250mm x 40mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050678 250mm x 50mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050680 250mm x 63mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050690 315mm x 63mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050712 355mm x 63mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050714 355mm x 75mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050716 355mm x 90mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050718 355mm x 110mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050720 355mm x 125mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050722 355mm x 160mm Fusion Outlet
MA0050724 355mm x 200mm Fusion Outlet

Heater Sling

Protects heater and helps maintain a constant temperature.

Part Number Description
SW08601 Insulated Heater Sling

Heater Support Frame

Mount for top of toolbox to hold heater.

Part Number Description
238901 Heater support frame

Large Heater

16-125mm Heater

Part Number Description
470101 120V Large
470201 240V Large

Ratchet Shear

Cut up to 42mm pipe.

Part Number Description
MMD00088 42mm ratchet shear

Rotary Pipe Cutters

Rotary pipe cutters for pipe sizes from 1/4" and up to 4" OD.

Part Number Description
MMD00087 10mm-90mm rotary pipe cutter
MMD00092 63mm-125mm rotary pipe cutter

Small Heater

16-63mm Heater

Part Number Description
253101 120V Small
253201 240V Small

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