Acrobat 180

2" IPS - 6" DIPS (63mm - 180mm)

The Acrobat 180 is a versatile machine designed for butt fusion of 63mm to 180mm (2" IPS to 6" DIPS) pipe and fittings. The machine offers consistent butt fusion joints in an economical, reliable package.

The Acrobat is ideal for in-ditch work. It will convert from 4 to 3 jaws to create a more compact unit and will go even smaller by removing the base plate so that it fuses more easily in confined areas — reducing excavation time.

The fusion carriage is powered by a robust Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that is also lightweight and easily portable for quick jobsite setup. This HPU allows the operator to pre-set the facing, heating and fusing pressures individually without having to make adjustments between operations which greatly streamlines the fusion process.

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  • Acrobat 180

    Fusion machine, facer, heater, insulated heater stand and facer stand. Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) sold separately.

    Description Part Number
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    High Cylinder Force, 120V A725101
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    High Cylinder Force, 240V A725102
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California Prop 65 info

A725101 High Cylinder Force, 120V
A725102 High Cylinder Force, 240V
Carriage 3-Jaw - 29 lbs. (13.2 Kg) | 4-Jaw - 40 lbs. (18.1 Kg) |
Heater 14 lbs. (6.4 Kg)
Facer 35 lbs. (15.9 Kg)
Heater 220-240V, 1,200 Watts, 50 Hz, 1 Ph
100-120V Facer 100-120V, 50 / 60 Hz, 1 Ph, 5 Amps
220-240V Facer 220-240V, 50 / 60 Hz, 1 Ph, 7 Amps
Input Voltage Requirements 60Hz, 1 Ph
Heater Plug type CEE 7/7
220-240V Facer Plug type CEE 7/7
100-120V Facer Plug type NEMA 5-15P
Machine Dimensions
Length 23.5" (596.9mm)
Width 15" (381mm)
Height 14" (355.6mm)
Carriage Dimensions
Length 3-Jaw - 19" (482.6mm) | 4-Jaw - 23.5" (596.9mm) |
Width 3-Jaw - 15" (381mm) | 4-Jaw - 15" (381mm) |
Height 3-Jaw - 12" (304.8mm) | 4-Jaw - 14" (355.6mm) |

Print Specifications

1284901 120V
1284902 240V
Machine Dimensions
Length 32.5" (825.5mm)
Width 26.2" (666.8mm)
Height 22.5" (571.5mm)
Weight 166 lbs. (75.3 Kg)
System Pressure 1,500 PSI (103.4 BAR)
Fusion Pressure 1,500 PSI (103.4 BAR)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 4.5 Gallons (17 Liters)
EP1500AD (120V) Output Power 1.5 HP, 15.2 Amps
EP1500AD (240V) Output Power 1.5 HP, 8.2 Amps
EP1500AD (120V) Plug type NEMA 5-15P
EP1500AD (240V) Plug type NEMA L15-20P
Mobility Type High-flotation inflatable tires
Transportation Two-wheel cart

Print Specifications

718805 120V
718806 240V
Machine Dimensions
Length 22.1" (561.3mm)
Width 13.2" (335.3mm)
Height 19" (482.6mm)
Weight 56 lbs. (25.4 Kg)
System Pressure 1,350 PSI (93.1 BAR)
Fusion Pressure 800 PSI (55.2 BAR)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 0.4 Gallons (1.4 Liters)
EP800AD (208V - 240V) Output Power .3 HP, 2.4 Amps
EP800AD (120V) Output Power .3 HP, 5.9 Amps
EP800AD (208V - 240V) Plug type CEE 7/7
EP800AD (120V) Plug type NEMA 5-15P

Print Specifications

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  • Acrobat<sup>™</sup> 180 Product Manual
    Acrobat 180

    Acrobat 180 Product Manual

  • Acrobat 180 Standard Spec Sheet
    Acrobat 180

    Acrobat 180 Spec Sheet

  • EP1500AD Spec Sheet

    EP1500AD Spec Sheet

  • EP800AD HPU Spec Sheet

    EP800AD Spec Sheet

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Parts & Accessories

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Surface hardened for longer life and are serrated for maximum grip.

Spare Heater Plate Kit

Heater plates have an anti-stick coating and are required for butt fusion.

Part NumberDescription
A707901 Set of 2 plates with anti-stick coating required for butt fusion. Kit includes attaching screws and wrench.

DataLogger® 7

Tablet, transducer, machine mount, micro SD card, removable battery, screen protector, carrying case and Quick Start Guide.

Part NumberDescription
DLP0857716 DataLogger 7 - English, Spanish, and Russian

Facer Blade Set

Spare facer blades.

Part NumberDescription
710604 Facer Blade Set. Includes 4 blades, screws and wrench.

Spare Heaters

Heaters have a microprocessor control and a dial thermometer to monitor temperature.

Part NumberDescription
724201 220-240V


Powered blades keep the pipe edges clean and aligned.

Part NumberDescription
709602 100-120V
711602 220-240V


Hydraulic Power Unit

Part NumberDescription
1284901 120V
1284902 240V


Hydraulic Power Unit

Part NumberDescription
718805 120V
718806 240V

Low Profile Rollers

Set includes 2 individual rollers. Case includes 40 complete rollers.

Part NumberDescription
A1867501 Case (includes 40 complete rollers)


Aids in lifting pipe into the fusion machine and also performs as a pipe stand.

Part NumberDescription
864201 Pipe Stand and Dolly
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Acrobat™ Shipping Container

Part NumberDescription
713802 Acrobat 180 Shipping Container

External Bead Remover

Trim the bead created during the fusion process.

Part NumberDescription
1221101 For 1 ¼" to 6" IPS pipe
1221601 Extra blades for 1221101
1221603 Extra blades for 1810102
1810102 For 4" IPS to 18" OD pipe

Machine Stand

Part NumberDescription
439001 Manual Fusion Machine Stand

Pipe Support Stand

Height is adjustable to properly support, position and align pipe to be fused.

Part NumberDescription
906501 28 Pipe Stand
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Pyrometer Kit

Pryometer kit for accurately checking surface temperatures of heater.

Part NumberDescription
A218804 Measures surface temperature of heater

Spare Facer Stand

Facer stand provides a convenient place to protect and store your facer out of the dirt and mud when fusing in-ditch.

Part NumberDescription
711801 Spare facer stand

Spare Heater Stand

Holds heater for easier carrying and protection. Heater bag helps the heater maintain a constant temperature.

Part NumberDescription
712001 Heater Bag

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