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Butt Fusion Inserts

Butt Fusion Insert

McElroy fusion machines will fuse a range of pipe sizes. To be able to fuse multiple pipe sizes you will need to purchase inserts for the pipe sizes you want to fuse. Inserts are made for one size pipe only and not all inserts fit directly in the jaws. Some inserts nest inside other inserts, called master inserts. These master inserts will need to be purchased also.

Set = 8 Inserts

Selected Machine

MM Medium Force Machine (500mm Jawset) - AT5034002

Pit Bull® 500 Series II

All inserts below fit in 500mm Jaws

     Inserts Pipe OD Part No.
   18" IPS/500mm Master 18.00 (457mm) T5004206

All inserts below require 18" OD Master insert

     Inserts Pipe OD Part No.
   450mm fabricated 17.72 (450mm) 2418201
   400mm 15.75 (400mm) 2412111
   12" Master 12.75 (324mm) 2411810

All inserts below require 12" & 18" OD Master inserts

     Inserts Pipe OD Part No.
   315mm 12.40 (315mm) 1211202

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