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McElroy Articles

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  • Better infrastructure in our own back yard — a gathering place in Tulsa
    Tulsa is on the cusp of something incredibly special on its Arkansas River waterfront. The George Kaiser Family Foundation is developing a $400 million park, the result of a public-private partnership that has set a record as the largest private gift to a public park in our country’s history.
  • McElroy fusion machines provide leak-free connections at Fort Huachuca
    In the late 1800s, the soldiers of Fort Huachuca were in hot pursuit of Geronimo and defending settlers from Apache raids. During World War I, the 10th Cavalry "Buffalo Soldiers," as the Cheyenne and Comanche referred to them, were assigned there to guard the U.S.-Mexico border and later followed Pancho Villa’s trail to Mexico.
  • Renovation and Innovation at Southern Hills
    When Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla., considered its capital improvement plans for 2015, they decided it was time to focus on water by replacing a 40-year-old irrigation pump station and mainline that feeds the entire course.
  • Portable shelter improves pipe-fusing in cold climates
    Pitching a tent is the typical remedy when trying to heat fuse thermoplastic pipe in cold climates. But projects are often delayed or even shut down because a tent — no matter how durable — is never completely draft-proof.
  • Productivity & Safety: A Natural Pairing
    Today's most advanced fusion machines are purposely designed with features to make them easy and efficient for operators to use. When paired with pipe-handling equipment designed specifically to complement these machines, jobsites become even more productive, saving time and money.
  • New Horizons for Thermoplastics
    PA12, a high-performance polyamide pipe, has found a niche in the oil and gas market allowing it to enter a realm that has long been dominated by metallic pipe.
  • University of Tulsa Dorm Project
    It’s casually coined, “The John,” but this traditional men’s residential hall at the University of Tulsa brings character to the campus and is one of the distinct examples of the school’s Collegiate Gothic style.
  • Polyethylene Pipe Installation Revitalizes 1800s Neighborhood
    Leavenworth, founded in 1854, is the oldest city in Kansas. Workers have actually found some wooden pipelines in their unearthing, but many are cast iron that have long-served their time for the city's some 36,000 residents. Today they are corroded and they leak and burst.
  • HDPE For Outdated Florida Keys Sewage System
    Once you cross the 18-Mile Stretch into the Florida Keys from the mainland, the world seems to turn at a happily slower pace.
  • Fast-growing Bixby, Okla., Tasked with Building New Infrastructure
    Fast-growing cities like suburban Bixby, Okla., are continually tasked with building new infrastructure that will sustain the influx of new residents.
  • Celebrating 60 Years of Innovation
    Hard work is said to result in living the American dream. This ethos is one of the reasons McElroy has been a viable company for 60 years, but it's just one part of the equation that made McElroy the world's leading manufacturer of butt fusion machines for thermoplastic pipe.
  • Pipe Fusion: Selecting the Right Machine
    The fusing of thermoplastic pipe results in a leak-free and corrosive-resistant system that is becoming the preferred choice for replacing conventional piping systems that are failing across the country.
  • New Pipeline Brings Natural Gas to Rural Residents of Maine
    It costs less, burns cleaner and is readily produced in North America, but the infrastructure is simply not in place to bring natural gas heat to many rural residents of Maine.
  • Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting Key to Arlington National Cemetery Water Main Replacement Program
    At the beginning of the Civil War, Union soldiers occupied Arlington, Virginia, realizing that the location offered a great strategic location, just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. When the Union started taking large amounts of casualties during the war, the Army Quartermaster General ordered an examination of possible sites for military cemeteries.
  • Fusing Pipe in Florida
    The Florida Keys are a 127-mile chain of small islands that bring a unique geography to Monroe County, Fla. So when it comes to providing thousands of residents and millions of tourists with public services across land and sea, you can't let something as big as an ocean get in your way.
  • Major renewal project calls for HDPE pipe
    It has been cut up and torn up more times than anyone can count to make repairs on a 1925 cast iron water main that is buried only three to four feet underneath.
  • Polyethylene Pipe Breathes New Life into English Water Mains
    In the Victorian era, England underwent an amazing population boom. With more people, came more needs for services. During this time, large-scale water and sewer infrastructure were created throughout the country.
  • HDPE Plays Key Role in Reflecting Pool Renovation
    Washington D.C. is home to some of the United States' most prized and revered memorials. To the nearly 24 million people who visited the mall in 2011, the Reflecting Pool was more science project than a scenic and iconic tourist stop.
  • Efficient McElroy Equipment Aids English Main Installation
    Boston, a town and small port in the county of Lincolnshire, has nearly doubled its population between 2001 and 2011, with the explosive growth expected to continue. Because of the growth, private water company Anglian Water is putting in the infrastructure to support the future of Boston.
  • Route 66 Community Turns to Polyethylene for Water Main Fix
    A small Oklahoma town nestled on Route 66 recently replaced one of two key pipelines that bring potable water into the city.
  • 54-Inch Polyethylene Pipe Offers Three-Way Solution
    Whychus Creek has provided irrigation water to farmers in Three Sisters Irrigation District in Central Oregon since 1888, but through inefficient canal systems that lose up to 50 percent of the water before it reaches the farms. To remedy the problem, Three Sisters Irrigation District (TSID) chose to eliminate seepage losses by piping their main canal with twin 54-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes.
  • Leading Community Putting in Smart Water Infrastructure
    At the heart of Silicon Valley is Palo Alto, California — a community that is home to entrepreneurial companies and forward-thinking minds. Take a short drive and chances are you'll happen upon Stanford University, Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and other iconic institutions of invention, progress and ingenuity.
  • Unique Slipline Project Solves Problematic Springfield Water Mains
    Within eye shot of the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts, a double-barreled pipeline runs underneath the Connecticut River. The paired pipelines are one of three water main crossings that pass under New England's longest river to service the communities of Springfield, Ludlow, Agawam, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow and several others. Like much of America's infrastructure, the key pipelines were aging and precarious until a 2011 sliplining operation gave the pipelines new life.
  • Products Offer Design-Build Contractor Extra Security on Challenging Project
    North Bay Village, Florida is a small community near Miami that resides entirely on islands between the mainland and the barrier islands that are home to some of the world's most famous beaches. The picturesque environment that draws tourists and celebrities by the boatload was under siege from an old cast iron sewer main that threatened to create environmental and health risks.
  • Geothermal Installation is Educational Process for Contractors, College
    At St. Clair County Community College (SC4) in Port Huron, Mich., contractors and college students alike are learning about green buildings and technologies. The lessons are being taught in unlikely places — in a parking lot and through the passing around of viral videos.
  • Polyethylene Pipe Plays Role in Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation

    The Town of Denton, Maryland installed a 400-foot-long high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe as part of needed wastewater treatment plant upgrade. The smooth-walled HDPE pipe is an important component in the treatment plant's enhanced nutrient removal upgrade. Within the 54-inch diameter DR 32.5 pipeline, chlorine has adequate contact time with effluent to disinfect the town's wastewater before being chemically de-chlorinated and released back into the environment.

  • Directional Bore and Stormwater Treatment Technologies are Saving Grace of Endangered Lagoon
    Many Floridians and other Americans may take for granted the lagoons that contribute to the nation's ecosystems. However, Florida's Indian River County has found a solution using directional boring and water treatment technologies to rehabilitate the second-most polluted section of the 154-mile-long Indian River Lagoon. The entire lagoon stretches along the eastern coast of Florida, from just north of New Smyrna Beach south to Fort Pierce.
  • City of Daytona Beach Races Ahead With Directional Drilling Solutions
    In June 2008, a 16-inch-diameter cast iron water main ruptured in Daytona Beach, Florida. The main, one of three that service nearby barrier islands and beaches, was 61 years old.
  • Contractor Crosses Washita River with a New "Horse"
    In mid-2011, McElroy equipment helped the City of Ardmore, Oklahoma install a 36-inch DIPS SDR 11 pipeline under the Washita River. Using directional drilling, the new water main was installed to replace a concrete main that had been washed away by the constant erosion forces of the river passing over the exposed pipe.
  • 140-Year-Old Manhattan Water Main Rehabilitated Through Trenchless Methods
    In "the city that never sleeps," it seems only right that any construction job match the moniker of Manhattan. For the past two years, workers from contractor Halycon Construction and subcontractor Insituform Technologies Inc. have convened on different blocks of iconic Madison Avenue, to rehabilitate a 140-year-old 48-inch water main running under the street. To alleviate the headaches that could happen by snarling New York City's rush-hour traffic, workers quickly moved onto sections of the avenue each Friday night and worked until Monday morning. Just in the time of a weekend, the workers can fix between 500 and 1,000 feet of the existing main.
  • Kansas' oldest city getting new water mains
    The first city in Kansas, Leavenworth, has undertaken a project to improve the community's water distribution system. Starting in 2004, the Leavenworth Water Department embarked on a program to install High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) in the downtown area. The new pipe ranges in size from 2-inch to 8-inch. The pipeline is replacing some of the old PVC and even older ductile iron pipe sections that have been in the ground for more than 100 years. Being the "first city in Kansas", Leavenworth also has some of the oldest water pipe in service in Kansas. The city water distribution system dates back to the 1870s when water lines were made of wood. The water department has recovered some of the old wooden waterlines when repairing leaks or installing new lines in some of the older sections of the city.
  • HDPE Projects Help Utah's Dixie Region Stay Leak Free
    Utah's Washington County, in the state's Dixie region, is a popular haven for retirees and recreational sports fanatics. The beautiful red sandstone landscape, easy drive to Las Vegas and moderate winter temperatures all work together to make the region one of the United States' fastest growing communities.
  • Venezuela provides reliable water service with new HDPE large-diameter pipe
    The economic lifeblood of Venezuela very well could run through the Peninsula de Paraguaná in the Estado Falcón (Falcon State) of Venezuela. The peninsula is home to the Western Hemisphere's largest oil refinery center, the Paraguaná Refinery Center. Unfortunately, the peninsula has been plagued by an undersized and unreliable steel pipeline that provided limited water resources for the workers and residents of the Peninsula de Paraguaná. Some of those residents even relied on wells for their daily water needs and have never had water service via pipes.
  • PolyHorse with PowerAssist helps contractor tackle cross-country fusions
    Many people have heard of a cross-country foot race. A crosscountry race is a timed event where competitors face different challenges over a fixed distance. The obstacles can range from weather to adverse terrain. The thrill of the race might be the obstacles awaiting the competitors at every turn. However, no one would blame a competitor for using a shortcut in the race, if it were legal and within the rules.
  • High-Density Polyethylene Pipe plays key role at Highland Valley Copper mine
    Riding around Highland Valley Copper's 34,000 hectares in south central British Columbia, it's not uncommon to see miles and miles of black high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) weaving along the long, curvy work roads. In fact, a visitor to the copper and molybdenum mine would be challenged to find part of the landscape where HDPE wasn't present above ground or below.
  • HDPE Provides Answer For Gate Repair
    If there is a state that knows a thing or two about water, it's Florida. The state contends with hurricanes that dump heavy rainfalls in short amounts of time, two massive coastlines, worldfamous beaches, the Everglades and many canals.
  • Stormwater treatment technologies and HDPE solve problems at polluted lagoon
    Many Floridians and other Americans may take for granted the lagoons that contribute to the nation's ecosystems. However, Florida's Indian River County has found a solution using directional boring and water treatment technologies to rehabilitate the second most polluted section of the 154-mile-long Indian River Lagoon. The entire lagoon stretches along the eastern coast of Florida, from just north of New Smyrna Beach south to Fort Pierce.
  • Increase Productivity and Decrease Cost when Fusing HDPE Pipe
    Improving efficiency, productivity and safety on the jobsite is always important. After studying jobsites in a variety of markets we determined that a key to improved efficiency, productivity and safety was in job set up and pipe handling. Usually making more pipe joints per day involves more machines and operators which increases costs. With the information gathered from the studies, a new pipe handling system called the PolyHorse® was developed by McElroy. This system stages the pipe strategically on the job site, thus allowing you to increase the number of joints per day and eliminate some labor and loading equipment in the process.
  • The Mayor of Cascade Idaho set into motion his plan to improve his community
    When the Mayor of Cascade Idaho set into motion his plan to improve his community, he knew that a top priority would be a basic need — water. Not that the town was running out of water, it's just that its infrastructure was in horrific shape and in need of major repair. His solution — replace the city's entire water and wastewater system with high density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Polyethylene Squeeze Tools Protect Environment While Improving Bottom Line
    Squeezing off polyethylene (PE) pipe to stop flow is nothing new to the Natural Gas Industry. The industry has been utilizing the procedure for over 20 years to control the flow of gas in their lines. Now larger gas producers like XTO Energy are looking at the technology to help them become more efficient in their larger diameter pipe operations. The added environmental benefits of the procedure are also winning accolades from the industry and the result for companies like XTO is a bottom line that is the same color as the pipe — black.
  • Coiled Pipe Pushing Pipe Installation to New Limits
    Since the late 1990's coiled polyethylene (PE) pipe has literally rolled across the country to form a large part of the telecommunications pipeline infrastructure. The glut of benefits that make coiled pipe appealing to the telecommunications industry also make it ideal for a broad variety of applications such as water distribution, natural gas distribution, mining operations, sewers, waste disposal, and drainage lines. Speed of construction is its primary advantage over other pipes and contractors across the pipeline industry are pushing pipe installation to new limits.
  • Material Improvements Position HDPE Pipe for Expanding Role In Construction Industry.
    The term PE3408 has become synonymous with tough, durable polyethylene piping systems. The evolution of this material designation dates back to the late 1970's and it's market introduction has provided a backdrop against which innovative installation techniques such as slip-lining, pipe bursting and directional drilling have become highly developed and widely commercialized. Taken together and combined with other market factors we now see PE3408 piping products used in demanding applications such as natural gas distribution, potable water, industrial and mining pipe, sewer force mains and other critical applications where a tough, ductile material is needed to assure long-term performance.
  • Restoration with Sustainability in Mind
    HDPE Measures up to Standards of U.S. Green Building Counsel
  • HDPE Aids Methane Recovery Project
    Idaho landfill uses pipeline grid to capture methane and convert to energy to serve 24,000 homes
  • HDPE Making Headway In Water Industry Arizona Water Conservation Project Utilizes
    HDPE to save $125,000 on Pipeline Construction Cost.
  • HDPE Chosen For Government Pilot Project
    Students of a Job Corps Center in Astoria, Oregon get much more than a new water system
  • HDPE Poised To Handle "The Oil of the 21st Century"
    97-year-old Arthur Moore peers down into an open ditch to inspect a new 2-inch polyethylene water line for his 136-tap rural water district in Northeastern Oklahoma. He shuffles his boots as he goes and the white hair and unhurried movements seem out of place on a construction site. Nevertheless, Moore is up to the job and it is fitting that he is the inspector of the pipeline because in many aspects, it is his water district. He was the visionary who started the water company eons ago which has the bragging rights of being the first rural water district in Osage County Oklahoma and the second for the entire state. He is still a member of the water board, which holds its monthly meetings in his living room where he has lobbied for the past several years for the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for the district's much needed infrastructure rehabilitation. They're finally taking the old man's advice.
  • HDD & HDPE Solve Recurring Main Line Failure
    Vance Giblet has been drilling high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe under roads, rivers and creeks since the late 1970's. So when he heard that the City of Jenks Oklahoma had a water line that had been washed out by Polecat Creek, he knew exactly what to do.
  • Idaho Farmers Discover HDPE
    Conservation-minded farmers in the State of Idaho are using HDPE pipelines to replace water wasting open ditch irrigation
  • HDPE Gaining Ground In U.S. Infrastructure
    A growing number of cities are deciding to lean on polyethylene pipe for the next 100 or so years. It is a decision perceived by some to be an unproven venture while others claim there is no better pipe in the world to deal with the troubles plaguing U.S. water infrastructure. Almost everyone agrees that major infrastructure rehabilitation is needed but the largest problem is lack of funding and not the choice of piping material.
  • HDPE Pilot Project Serves Stateside Soldiers
    Corp of Engineers installs totally fused potable water system on Fort Carson Military Post near Colorado Springs
  • Butt Fusion - The "Leak Free" Answer
    The natural gas industry adopted polyethylene pipe over 30 years ago and it is still the material of choice for distribution systems across the US and Canada . It has proven to be the long-term answer to the decaying infrastructure problem because of its 50-100 year life, non-corrosion characteristics, ease of installation, low life cycle cost and economical leak-free butt fusion joints.
  • Double Duty Fusion Technicians Play Piggyback
    Brian Shields squints his eyes and stares into the wavy heat-blurred mirage floating over the twin polyethylene pipelines stretching into the Utah desert. A pair of McElroy fusion machines is spitting out 80 feet of new pipeline every 15 minutes while a single fusion technician slowly paces between them like an expecting father. Shields slides his hardhat off to expose his shaved head to the August sun and says, "In a total of 12 days, we'll be pumping water through a new 22,000 foot HDPE pipeline."
  • HDPE Pipe - Helping Solve The Nation's Water/Wastewater Crisis
    Country's water companies starting to embrace polyethylene in a big way
  • Pipeline Partnership Improves Environment In Northwest
    The key to pollution is dilution and environmentalists are applauding Everett Washington 's deep-water outfall project for accomplishing just that. The state-of-the-art pipeline is a joint effort by the cities of Everett and Marysville along with Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill to dispose of their wastewater. The pipeline will carry the waste deep into Port Gardner Bay and replace the old discharge locations along the Snohomish River . City ratepayers and the paper mill will save more than $10 million on the project by sharing the construction costs but the big winner is the habitat of the bay and the salmon fishery of the river.
  • Two McElroy fusion machines speed construction of aboveground polyethylene water pipeline

    Located 70 miles south of Salt Lake City , the town of Eureka is part of Utah 's historic Tintic Mining District. For more than 100 years, miners took lead, silver, zinc and copper from some of the most bountiful mines in the country. This prosperity has come at a price and the area is now a superfund site. The fast paced cleanup involves the construction of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline to carry vast amounts of water to the restoration areas for dust suppression.

  • President Bush visits ISCO Industries to hold discussion about the economy
    The press had already announced that President George W. Bush would be visiting Louisville , Kentucky on February 26 th for a campaign fund-raising luncheon. What they didn't know is that he'd be making another stop that morning at ISCO Industries.
  • Contractor Installs One Million Feet Of HDPE In Less Than A Year
    Dalton Utilities Rehabilitates Entire County Water Infrastructure
  • DFW Insures Environmental Protection with HDPE
    Polyethylene chosen as leak free piping solution for environmentally hazardous chemicals.
  • HDPE Answer to Drought Crisis
    State of Texas rescues city with cross country polyethylene water pipeline.
  • St. Petersburg Initiates An 18 Year $100 Million Water Main Replacement
  • Another Unique Application for HDPE
    The city of Toronto uses polyethylene in deep water cooling operation.
  • Tuscon Employs HDPE to Halt Contamination in Record Time
    Polyethylene bypass saves city from EPA violations following sewer line rupture.
  • HDPE Solves Earthquake Damage Problem In Washington State
    Polyethylene proves to be best pipeline choice in unstable soil conditions
  • Pipeline Contractor Improves Capabilities
    Rural water manager uses coiled polyethylene pipe to install water pipelines.
  • Innovative Water Operation Solves Acceptance with Water Works Business
    The city of Beaumont Texas solves their raw water problem with polyethylene.
  • Mining Operation Uses HDPE to Shortcut Tailings Cleanup
    Polyethylene chosen to handle corrosive chemicals in mining operation.
  • Safety Reminders
    Fusion procedures tips to keep safety a top priority.
  • Oklahoma Ranch Installs PE Sewer System For Cub Scout Camp
    A Cub Scout camp located in the heart of one of Oklahoma 's largest ranches is expanding its facilities and recently installed a new polyethylene (PE) sewer line.
  • City Bores Water Line Under National Landmark
    A polyethylene pipeline and trenchless technology bring water to residential area without disturbing National Park.
  • City Of Norman Rehabilitates Faulty Sewer Line
  • Rural Water Districts Lead State In Upgrading Infrastructure
    Polyethylene is water pipe of choice for Oklahoma 's rural water business.
  • Innovation Spells Boom for Canada
    McElroy distributor takes advantage of oil boom in Canada by supplying fusion equipment.
  • City Takes Charge of Contamination Problem
  • TracStar Receives 'A' for High Altitude Test
    McElroy Manufacturing takes its fusion equipment to the top of Pikes Peak to test its operational characteristics at high altitude.
  • LineTamer Straightens Out Problem
    The global demand for coiled polyethylene pipe is dramatically increasing due to the superior properties of PE.
  • Sapulpa Replaces Asbestos Water Line
    Polyethylene used to replace water infrastructure main line.
  • Boy Scouts of America Forge to the Future with Polyethylene
    A total polyethylene water system insures Boy Scouts desire to conserve water.
  • Pipeline Bores Under Yaquina Bay
  • HDDR, Showplace for New Technology
    Thirty-two teams competed for over $100,000 in prizes and cash to claim bragging rights of the best drilling crew in the world.
  • Hot Tap, Cure to Invasive Gas Line Construction
    Hot tapping polyethylene is the process of adding pipe to an existing line without turning the flow off.
  • On-Line Replacement Systems
    Polyethylene Pipe bursting is aimed at the on-line replacement, at size-for-size or for up sizing, of existing pipes made from brittle materials
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