Pipe Rollers

4" IPS - 18" IPS (100mm - 450mm)

McElroy’s Low Profile Rollers are a modular pipe roller designed to make pulling 4”IPS — 18” IPS (100mm — 450mm) diameter thermoplastic pipe easier and to minimize drag on the pipe. Perfectly paired with other McElroy productivity enhancing tools, such as the PolyHorse®, the rollers are tip-resistant, allow for curved pulls of pipe over considerable distances and provide no resistance to external fusion joint beads moving across the roller.

The Low Profile Rollers can be ordered from McElroy’s worldwide network of distributors and are packaged in a “nested” crate that contains 40 complete roller assemblies.

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  • Low Profile Rollers

    Set includes 2 individual rollers. Case includes 40 complete rollers.

    Description Part Number
    Case (includes 40 complete rollers) A1867501
    Set (includes 2 individual rollers) A1867502
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  • MegaMc® Rollers

    Description Part Number
    54" Roller Assembly 4842401
    2000mm Roller Assembly 7828301
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California Prop 65 Info

A1867501 Case (includes 40 complete rollers)
A1867502 Set (includes 2 individual rollers)
Maximum Load 2,000 lbs. (907.2 Kg)
Low Profile Rollers Case (includes 40 complete rollers) 1,875 lbs. (850.5 Kg)
Low Profile Rollers Set (includes 2 individual rollers) 46 lbs. (20.9 Kg)
Shipping Dimensions
Length 92" (2,336.8 mm)
Width 47" (1,193.8 mm)
Height 54" (1,371.6 mm)

Print Specifications

4842401 54" Roller Assembly
7828301 2000mm Roller Assembly
54" Roller Assembly Maximum Load 9,000 lbs. (4,082.3 Kg)
2000mm Roller Assembly Maximum Load 14,175 lbs. (6,429.7 Kg)
MegaMc® Rollers 54" Roller Assembly 382 lbs. (173.3 Kg)
MegaMc® Rollers 2000mm Roller Assembly 400 lbs. (181.4 Kg)
54" Roller Assembly Length 36" (914.4mm)
2000mm Roller Assembly Length 31.5" (800.1mm)
54" Roller Assembly Width 66.7" (1,694.2mm)
2000mm Roller Assembly Width 78.2" (1,987.5mm)
54" Roller Assembly Height 25" (635mm)
2000mm Roller Assembly Height 27" (685.8mm)

Print Specifications

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  • Low Profile Rollers Spec Sheet
    Low Profile Rollers

    Low Profile Rollers Spec Sheet

  • MegaMc Rollers Spec Sheet
    MegaMc® Rollers

    MegaMc® Rollers Spec Sheet

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