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Acrobat<sup>™</sup> 355/400

Acrobat 355/400

McElroy’s Acrobat machines that feature the QuikFit® carriage are size-specific and are composed of lightweight, modular components so that the upper and lower jaws can be assembled around the pipe by hand. This eliminates the difficulty of lifting and fitting an entire carriage into a small space. It will fuse pipe in any orientation that is required on plumbing, mechanical and HVAC installations, including vertical and overhead.

The Acrobat 355/400 Size Package contains the 355mm and 400mm jaws, heater and facer blade holders. All the of components that are common with other size packages, namely the cylinders and clamp assemblies, carriage skid, facer motor, heater/facer cart, facer stand and HPU are grouped together into a Core Package. Both packages are required to assemble the carriage.

The unique design of the heater, facer and jaws has significantly reduced the weight and power requirements for this machine. The Acrobat 355/400 Size Package will fuse 355mm or 400mm pipe.

Includes 355mm and 400mm jaws, heater, facer blade holders and shipping container. Requires Core Package to assemble and operate fusion machine.

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