Fusion Joint Data Collection & Analysis

The need for better record keeping and increased accountability is growing among those who build and manage pipeline infrastructures. New standards, including ASTM F3124, have been implemented to govern the collection of data from plastic pipe fusions.

The DataLogger® features the tools necessary to properly capture the most important data from your jobsite. Scan the barcode on your pipe or fitting to automatically enter pipe material, size, manufacture date and lot. Add operator and machine information, along with GPS location of each joint and photos of the completed fusion and more.

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  • DataLogger® 6

    Ruggedized Android tablet with pre-installed software, transducer, A/C adapter, machine mount, stylus and carrying case.

    Description Part Number
    DataLogger 6 - English, Spanish DL18001

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California Prop 65 info

DL18001 DataLogger 6 - English, Spanish
DataLogger® 6 1.8 lbs. (0.8 Kg)
Length 8.6" (217.9mm)
Width 5.6" (142.2mm)
Height 1.1" (26.9mm)
Supported Standards
Data Logging ASTM F3124
Fusion ASTM F2620, ISO 21307:2011-05, GIS/PL2-3-07, Profuse, DS/INF 70-2 PE:HD:1992-05, WIS 4-32-08:2002-04, DVS 2207-1 PE-HD:2005-09, DVS 2207-11 PP:2008-08, DS/INF 70-2 PP:1992-05
Resolution 1280 X 720 HD
Touchscreen Capacitive
Battery Lithium-Polymer 7600 mAh
Operating System Android
Processor Texas Instruments® OMAP 4430 Dual Core 1 GHz
Storage Capacity 32GB
Bluetooth 4.0
Cellular Data LTE & 3G/2G
Wi-Fi 802.11 abgn
Front Camera 2MP
Rear Camera 8MP
Barcode Scanner Dedicated Barcode Reader Lens

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Certified McElroy Rental

Advanced Fusion Training

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  • DataLogger 6 Product Manual
    DataLogger® 6

    DataLogger® 6 Product Manual

  • DataLogger® 6 Software Downloads

  • DataLogger 6 Spec Sheet
    DataLogger® 6

    DataLogger® 6 Spec Sheet

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