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The McElroy 28 fusion machines will butt fuse pipe sizes from 2” IPS - 8” DIPS (63mm - 225mm). They come in multiple model configurations to assure your pipe fusion needs are covered.

Rolling, TracStar® and Pit Bull® machines incorporate the interchangeable 28 four-jaw carriage, which can be easily removed for in-ditch fusion. For tight installations, the outer fixed jaw and skid can be removed from the carriage converting it to a 3-jaw carriage for an even more compact fusion unit. Several of these units offer saddle fusion capability in the form of a Combination Unit (CU) that allows fusion of branch saddle with a maximum base diameter of 9.63" onto any size main.


Rolling 28
• Wheeled chassis for easy maneuvering on the jobsite
• Carriage can be easily removed for close quarter use
• Available in a Combination Unit (CU) for sidewall fusion
• DataLogger® compatible

Rolling 28 Hand Pump
• Double action hand pump
• 1,500 PSI Capability
• Carriage can be easily removed for close quarter use
• DataLogger® compatible

The Rolling 28 has staked its claim as the industry standard for more than 30 years. Its ease of use and rugged quality construction opened the door for the most extensive line of 8-inch fusion machines on the market.

TracStar® Super 28
• Self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain
• Powered by a 20-HP liquid-cooled diesel engine
• Carriage can be easily removed for close-quarter use
• On-board generator for powering heater and other devices
• Fits in a standard long-box truck bed for easy transport
• DataLogger® compatible

The TracStar 28 offers a self-contained, self-propelled track mounted vehicle that can handle grades up to 30%. It is the number one choice on the jobsite for its ease of maneuverability and productivity gains.

Pit Bull® 28
• Compact fusion for special applications
• Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) sold separately
• DataLogger® compatible
• Available in Combination Unit (CU) for sidewall fusion

The Pit Bull® 28 is used for special applications where the wheeled or tracked vehicle is not needed.

DynaMc® Hand Pump

  • Features a double-action hand pump for fast carriage speeds.
  • Capable of up to 1500 PSI fusion pressure.
  • DataLogger® compatible
  • Rugged and compact.

The new DynaMc® HP (Hand Pump) machines butt fuse pipe with a hand-powered pump and are available in 2- and 4-jaw models.

Worthy of the DynaMc name, the HP is a true dynamo, giving the operator a powerful fusion unit in a small package. With a detachable easy-lift cradle, the HP machine is easily maneuvered into tight spaces. The HP’s electric facer is sturdy and powerful, with the option of being loaded from either side of the machine for improved convenience.

DynaMc® Electric Pump

  • Features a common Electric Pump that powers a variety of fusion machines.
  • Utilizes a hydraulic accumulator to maintain fusion pressure and reduce power consumption.
  • Employs McElroy's standard carriage and manifold assembly.
  • Capable of up to 1500 PSI fusion pressure.
  • DataLogger® compatible
  • Sidewall 28 and Compact 28 Vertical units are also available.


The DynaMc® EPs (Electric Pump) use a common, modular DynaMc EP Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and are available in 2- and 4-jaw models. The EP HPU utilizes a standard manual carriage manifold that is powerful enough to tackle thick-walled pipe. A strong electric facer can be loaded from either side of the carriage, offering flexibility when fusing pipe in tight confines.

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