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The QuickCamp System includes the QuickCamp Shelter, 630 or 900 fusion machine carriage, MegaMc® PolyHorse® and MegaMc® Rollers pipe handling systems, two pipe support stands and three standard 20' dry freight containers.


QuickCamp Shelter

QuickCamp Carriage

(3) Standard 20' dry freight container

MegaMc® PolyHorse®

MegaMc® Rollers

(2) Pipe Support Stands

8" IPS - 24" OD
(225mm - 630mm)
630 High Force 208V, 60Hz, 3Ph 120V, 60Hz A3658701
630 Medium Force A3658702
630 Low Force A3658703

630 High Force 240V, 50Hz, 3Ph 240V, 50Hz A3658704
630 Medium Force A3658705
630 Low Force A3658706

630 High Force 415V, 50Hz, 3Ph 240V, 50Hz A3658707
630 Medium Force A3658708
630 Low Force A3658709

12" IPS - 36" OD
(340mm - 900mm)
900 High Force 208V, 60Hz, 3Ph 120V, 60Hz A3658501
900 Medium Force A3658502
900 Low Force A3658503

900 High Force 240V, 50Hz, 3Ph 240V, 50Hz A3658504
900 Medium Force A3658505
900 Low Force A3658506

900 High Force 415V, 50Hz, 3Ph 240V, 50Hz A3658507
900 Medium Force A3658508
900 Low Force A3658509
The QuickCamp shelter can also be purchased without the carriage, MegaMc PolyHorse, MegaMc Rollers and Pipe support stands. If purchased separately, a retrofit cover is required. A3659002

Shelter folds into standard ISO, 20’ cargo container for shipping
Folded shelter contains fusion machine carriage
Carriage slides out of shelter for in-ditch use or fusing stub ends and fittings
Ample space for an office, breakroom or storage of extra gear
Electrical outlets to power personal equipment
Hydraulic Power Unit powers fusion carriage with customer-furnished generator
One-size-fits-all pipe seals
Included heating and air-conditioning units fit into fold-out shelves


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