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For Immediate Release

TracStar® 900 Fusion Machine Improved

Redesign offers options that expand versatility without raising price

August 1, 2003

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. has recently enhanced the fusion machine that revolutionized large diameter pipe fusion. The new TracStar 900 is now available with options.

In 1997 McElroy unveiled the world's first self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain hydraulic fusion machine --- the TracStar 500. The TracStar 900 soon followed and the mobility of the track system, removable jaw assembly and elimination of a third party generator are features that fusion technicians loved.

As polyethylene gains acceptance in water, wastewater, storm water and other applications, specific project requirements are also expanding. In an effort to meet these needs, McElroy has decided to offer the TracStar 900 in several configurations.

The following is now available:

New Configurations

With the Manifold Block Control, the carriage pressures are set. The carriage and facer are operated with manual valves instead of the Coach Control system. With these new options, it will be necessary to purchase a Datalogger if a record of the joints is required.

"The redesign of the TracStar 900 makes a bold statement about McElroy's commitment to our customers and their continued enthusiasm for the entire TracStar line," said McElroy National Sales Manager Jim Craig , PE. " We are excited to be able to provide our customers with more options to satisfy their project needs. With expanded capabilities and new options available, the TracStar 900 is well positioned to fill the needs of a growing large diameter polyethylene market."

Contact Information:
McElroy PR and Marketing Department
E-mail: marketing@mcelroy.com

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