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A Mix of Muscle and Versatility

MegaMc® 824 Series 2

355mm - 630mm (14" - 24")

These revolutionary machines bring the flexibility of the smaller machines to MegaMc large-diameter fusion. It is the first fusion machine of this size specifically designed for close-quarter work with all the advantages of a track or rolling machine.

The carriage has 4 jaws with a removable 3-jaw carriage and is capable of top loading the heater and facer to maximize functionality within limited space.



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  MegaMc® 824 Series 2
Machine 6,000 lbs. (2,722 Kg)
4-Jaw Carriage 3,885 lbs. (1,762 Kg)
3-Jaw Carriage 1,412 lbs. (640 Kg)
Facer 390 lbs (177 Kg)
Heater 240 lbs (109 Kg)

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  MegaMc® 824 Series 2
System Pressure 2300 PSI (158 BAR) Max.
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 28 Gallons (106 Liters)
Motor 20HP, 3 Phase, 240V

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  MegaMc® 824 Series 2
Heater Power 10,950 Watt
Facer Power Hydraulic
Minimum Power Requirements 29.8 kVA /28.1 kW
Plug Type I

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  MegaMc® 824 Series 2
Frame Welded steel construction
Front Axle Articulating
Brake Mechanical

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  MegaMc® 824 Series 2
Tires 6.90 - 9NHS, 75 PSI Max.
Transportation Pulled via towing ring
Lifting Lift points and lifting assembly

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  MegaMc® 824
  Machine Carriage Only (In-Ditch Operations) Shipping Container
Length 131" (3,327 mm) 116.5" (2,959mm) 138" (3,506 mm)
Width 83" (2,108 mm) 68" (1,728mm) 83" (2,109 mm)
Height 69" (1,753 mm) 54.5" (1,378mm) 72" (1,829 mm)

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Certified McElroy Rental

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Featured Replacement

Parts & Accessories

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Facer Blade Kit

Includes 6 blades, screws and wrench. Must be repositioned for different pipe sizes.

3615710 - 9" Standard blades
3615710C - 9" Extended-life blades
3615701T - 5" Carbide blades

11" Facer Blade Set

Includes 6 blades, screws and wrench. Spans entire facer range without repositioning.

3615712 - Standard blades
3615712C - Extended-life blades

Heater Plate Kit

Set of two plates with anti-stick coating required for butt fusion. Kit includes attaching screws and wrench.


Butt Fusion & Mitered Insert Sets

Surface hardened for longer life and are serrated for maximum grip.

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Pipe Support Stand

Adjustable pipe stand to properly support, position and align pipe to be fused.


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MegaMc® Pipe Stand

Powered pipe stand with lateral and vertical movement for 8" - 36" (20mm - 900mm) pipe

3645001 - Gas-powered
3645002 - Diesel-powered

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MegaMc® PolyHorse®

Pipe handling system for 20" to 48" OD (500mm to 1,200mm) pipe


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MegaMc® Rollers

Reduce the drag on 12" IPS to 54" IPS pipe and protect the pipe from damage.


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Low Profile Rollers

Reduces the drag on 4" to 18" pipe and protects the pipe from damage. Case includes 40 complete roller assemblies.


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DataLogger® 6

Record and document fusion process parameters.

DL18001 - English, Spanish

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Stub End Holder

Holds stub end for butt fusion


Extension Kit

40' hydraulic extension hoses and cable.


Heater/Facer Stand

Recommended for tight installations where top loading necessary


Series 1 Carriage to Series 2 Conversion Kit


Pyrometer Kit

Accurately check surface temperatures of heater.