Save $500 on the new DataLogger® 6

McElroy has initiated a Technology Upgrade Program that will allow you to receive a $500 credit towards the purchase of the new DataLogger 6 when you trade in your DataLogger 3, 4 or 5 units. Act now by emailing and providing the serial numbers of your DataLogger units. The units you are trading in must include the computer, transducer, charger, cradle and case. Contact your McElroy Senior Account Manager for more information. This offer ends on Dec. 31, 2017.



New Acrobat™ Selection Tool

Which Acrobat and Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) do you need for your next job? That’s easy to determine with the new Acrobat Selection Tool. Simply select the pipe material, size, voltage and fusion standard you will be using and results will be provided for the best low- and high-force pressure configuration.

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Try our web tools to select the right machine

At McElroy, we recognize that when you are awarded a job, you are often expected to start construction immediately leaving a very short window for finding the right fusion machine. Whether your job finds you fusing polyethylene in the desert or polypropylene in an older building retrofit, our website tools are designed to give you some options and help make the selection process as straight forward as possible.

First, what size pipe will you fusing? Slide the ruler to select the Imperial or Metric size then filter your results by choosing whether you prefer a fusion machine that is tracked or rolling. You can then sort by size range, model or vehicle type in ascending or descending order.

Let’s say you’re going to be fusing two miles of 30" pipe on an open-cut job where pipe lengths will be laid out for long distances. A tracked vehicle makes sense in this situation since it has everything you need — including your power source — onboard so you won’t have to haul around extra equipment. This makes it a breeze to fuse from joint to joint, traveling from one end of the pipeline to the other.

The results in this case include two self-contained, self-propelled TracStar® fusion machines or a machine carriage that is ideal for close-quarter fusion work in case you’re going to be fusing in the ditch:

  • TracStar 900 - 12" IPS up to 36" OD pipe
  • TracStar 1200 - fuses 16" OD to 48" OD pipe
  • In-Ditch 48 - fuses 16" OD to 48" OD pipe

Each machine features a link so you can learn more about each product and compare. You’ll find out the cylinder forces available, pricing and there will be an extensive list of specifications that include weight, hydraulics, engine type and more.

For more information, take advantage of this website tool or find a McElroy distributor near you.

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McElroy Certified Inspection Program

McElroy is offering a unique program to help gas utilities and contractors meet pipeline safety regulations through routine inspection and maintenance of their fusion equipment.

This Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) program helps ensure quality fusion work is being performed and demonstrates accountability and traceability by allowing machine owners to keep a historical record in the Vault™ of maintenance and inspections conducted by authorized McElroy distributors.

Contact your distributor to learn more and sign up for this program.



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