Welcome to the New Vault™ 2.0

McElroy is pleased to announce the release of the Vault 2.0 — which makes storing, reviewing and sharing your fusion reports from your DataLogger® easier than ever before!

This update includes a modern, card-view interface for more intuitive and faster navigation. The number of reports are reflected on each card while each card can be sorted by job, machine, operator or tags. And now … all fusion locations can be pinpointed on one GPS map providing a visualization of an entire job!

You'll be greeted with a tour of the new Vault once you log in. If viewing on your phone, you will find that the Vault 2.0 is much more mobile-friendly. This update is automatic and re-registration is not required after signing on.

Note: Users will be logged into the newest version of the Vault but have the option to view their reports through the original, classic Vault. The classic interface will be available while users adjust to the new system.

Please familiarize yourself with the new presentation by clicking through the tour and — if you haven't already — sign up for your free Vault account today!

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5 Ways to Use the Mcelroy Datalogger 6

Did you know the DataLogger 6 quality assurance tool is also a great training tool? The experience of this gas distribution company will show you why.

Read the 5 Ways Learn More About DataLogger 6




Watch New Fusion Animations


Saddle Fusion Animation

We have created four new fusion animations and are happy to announce their addition to the McElroy University video collection. These animations help promote a better understanding of the types of fusion including butt, socket, saddle and electrofusion and are a great resource for fusion students and online learners. Each one is a little more than a minute long but goes a long way in explaining various fusion concepts simply and concisely. They are especially helpful to those unfamiliar with plastic pipe fusion so feel free to download them and share.

Watch them now!

Butt Fusion Socket Fusion Electrofusion

More Resources

McElroy University has a number of other animations on topics such as machine shifting procedures, determining drag pressure and the hot tap process. You can also capitalize on our popular videos on machine operation and troubleshooting. Increase your knowledge today through McElroy University!

More Videos




More Spanish Translations

We have extended the Spanish translations on our website to our new products including the many additions to our Acrobat™ line for polyethylene and polypropylene as well as the new Spider™ 125 Series 2 and Hornet™. Simply select Español from our home page under the Language drop down menu.

Equipos de Fusión



The New Polypropylene Catalog Is Here

McElroy’s new catalog for the latest polypropylene pipe fusion tools and accessories is now available! Exciting new products such as the Hornet™ all-in-one tool for outlet fusion and the latest-model Spider™ 125 Series 2 are included. You’ll also see innovative additions like the Acrobat™ 315, the Polygon™ for fabrication of mitered joints and other new products on the horizon! This is your go-to, must-have book for the complete lineup of McElroy’s polypropylene fusion equipment.

Download your free copy from our website today or fill out the form and we’ll mail you a print copy.

Catalog Request





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