Mechanical Assembly Technician

McElroy's mechanical assembly technicians work with mechanical and hydraulic components such as diesel engines, pumps, hoses, and more. Knowledge of motor mechanics, basic electrical wiring, and schematics/blueprints are important parts of this job. Technicians may also travel, offering technical support on our machines and interacting with our customers in the United States or internationally. For this reason, skills in communication and teamwork are a must. Assembly technicians will also perform maintenance on products sent in for repair by customers or distributors as needed.


Mechanical Assembly Technicians work in our climate-controlled Fulton facility where we assemble all of our machines. A variety of shifts are available to work. McElroy's nearby Admiral facility houses a fitness facility that is free to employees, and open 12 hours a day. Showers and appointments with personal trainers are available.

A McElroy Mechnical Assembly Technician can say…

  • I can follow safety procedures to safely shut down equipment before repair.
  • I can complete jobs by deadlines to maintain shipment schedules.
  • I can work with mechanics and hydraulics.
  • I can communicate in verbal or written form with supervisors and other employees.
  • I am attentive to the safety of myself and others.
  • I am responsive to the needs and concerns or others.
  • I am capable of working with other team members or alone to get the job done.
  • I am able to think and work like an owner.
  • I enjoy being rewarded monthly for my contributions.
  • I enjoy working in a clean, climate-controlled building.
  • I enjoy producing and ensuring world-class products every day.
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